Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


If you are a man accused of a heinous sexual crime, don’t take it so hard!

Huh. Not sure the women justices would agree with her at all.

Of course, in real life – not pretendy FeministLand – it’s very different.

Other than being arrested and having to endure media exposure as rapists based solely on an allegation from a woman, what’s the big deal?


8 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

  1. that is such bullshit

    considering how quickly those on the left jump from an accusation being made to convicting the accused in the court of public opinion, yeah it’s very bad just to be accused, and that is exactly how they want it…

    get accused, and watch your life be destroyed, your career, your friendships, your family all based on an accusation, many times with no proof to back it up? yeah I can’t imagine how anyone would think that’s bad../sarc

    what a fucking cunt. I’d love to see how she would react if her husband/boyfriend/father/brother had to go thru that.

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    • How the tables have turned. I’m old enough to remember when it was supposedly the Right that leapt headlong from accusation to conviction, and the Left pretended they believed in the need for proof.

      It’s not the Left or Right. It’s the stupid, and the unreasoning partisan, and especially those who are both.


    • Please ask Miguel Estrada, loss his child and then wife.

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      • Garland wasn’t attacked. Wasn’t smeared. Right-leaning media didn’t plead with his acquaintances for scandalous gossip, much less suborn perjury to destroy his career in addition to his nomination. His own life and those of his family were not threatened by ideological lunatics. No one threatened to impeach him from the federal bench in revenge for him even accepting the nomination. Boo fucking hoo.


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