Prosecutor finds problems with Ford’s testimony


Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona prosecutor who interviewed Ford during her testimony, has issued a report.  She discovers some.. problems.. with Ford’s testimony.

As I’ve said previously, the presumption of innocence for the accused is a pillar of our country’s values. It includes the right to question the accuser. In the limited time of her testimony, it would seem the democrats have a problem.

Can’t wait to see how the democrats handle this report. A female prosecutor sharing very concerning discrepancies of a woman all the democrat senators “believed as credible and powerful.”

I would give everyone three guesses to their responses, and the first four don’t count.  The first one is a gimme: The FBI should conduct a full, unlimited investigation even though there is already so much to work with.  The next is shame on Ms. Mitchell for letting women down and not believing the victim!

Still, I’d like to see her have a one on one two-day live broadcast session with Michael Avenatti’s client and her claims.  Bring plenty of popcorn.


3 thoughts on “Prosecutor finds problems with Ford’s testimony

  1. If the twitter response is any indication they will respond to it by saying Rachel Mitchell was only hired to protect Kavanaugh and not get at the truth.

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    except those who disagree with whatever smear that is being pushed, those bitches be lyin…

    the same media that breathlessly reports every baseless accusation against Kavanaugh, is the same media that has routinely ignored actual evidence of sexual assault up to and including rape by multiple democrats…

    i am so fed up of the constant double standard that paints anyone accused as guilty if they have an “R” after their name yet innocent regardless of evidence if they have a “D”

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  3. For decades I’ve basically voted for the non-incumbent or the non-incumbent party or some interesting third party candidate. That means I have voted for a fairly large number of Democrats over the decades.
    This clown circus has now pretty much forced to vote for all Republicans, even the ‘bad’ones for the foreseeable. future. I’m not even sure a believable “mea culpa”from the Democratic Party and everyone even remotely associated with it would change my mind.
    Not only will I vote for Trump next time (I voted third party in 2016), I will encourage others to do so as well. I will vote straight GOP this November. First time ever. If you don’t try to punish them they’ll never change.

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