Avenatti pulls a Schmalfeldt: Updated


Never go full Schmalfeldt.

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti made bold claims that Judge Brett Kavanaugh not only ran a sex ring operation in his youth, but Avenatti promised witnesses would come forward and testify.  Multiple witnesses.  He also demanded that the committee stop the nomination process until his witnesses have testified.  Included was a request to ask a bunch of salacious questions.

On Monday, he doubled down and claimed that Kavanaugh’s claim of virginity was not only bogus, he had evidence to the contrary.  In fact, he insinuated that Kavanaugh had engaged in Clinton sexual techniques.. I mean, oral sex.

Today, he’s decided he doesn’t want the public humiliation that comes when you can’t deliver on your bold claims.


Sound familiar?



Total Schmalfeldt.

9 thoughts on “Avenatti pulls a Schmalfeldt: Updated

    • I read the 4chan thing. Either the writer totally owned Avenatti or he’s trolling the entire internet. Either way, I love it. I just hope he got Avenatti. That guy is scum.

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  1. Specking of bill schmalfeldt aka bill mathews:

    If you were trying to convince another human that you yourself are also human, what would you say? Probably something about emotions, right? That might work – but other humans are more likely to believe your humanity if you talk about bodily functions.

    Specifically, the word ‘poop’.

    I have to call “fake” on this study.

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