So let me get this straight..


Democrats care about the institution, fairness and Christine Ford?

The allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh have become quite the circus. Senator Dianne Feinstein, who had the allegations contained in a letter forwarded to her and sat on it for months, decided to use the letter as a last Hail Mary to prevent the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

Christine Blassey Ford wanted to keep it quiet, but not so quiet to call the Washington Post red line, pass a lie detector test and to hire a #Resistance lawyer. In telling her story to a reporter, she even mentioned that she told no one of the incident until she and her husband were in couples therapy.  Soon after, reports came from classmates saying they too, had heard about the supposed event, only to later retract it when the inconsistency was raised.

In the subsequent days of Feinstein’s revelations, the democrats started a public campaign to get her to testify. Republicans pushed back, but Chairman Chuck Grassley decided to make arrangements with Ford in an effort to get a full accounting on the record.  The Democrats, who were anxious to get her on the record, changed tactics: They didn’t want to her testify “right now”, but later. “What’s the rush?” and subsequently, refused to participate in any arrangements.

What they wanted was to stall the nomination until after the election. If the democrats had managed to win back the Senate, then they would leverage that to kill Kavanaugh’s nomination completely.

This is a well-known strategy and one the media has been helping to keep under wraps. Polling has recently shown democrats now have a narrow path towards winning back the Senate.  If they also take the House, which many pundits say is a given (*squints back to 2016 predictions), then Trump’s agenda can be stopped.

In the meantime, Kavanaugh sits in limbo against allegations he is unable to respond.  Ford has shared details, but key facts are missing.  Experts have said that if this were as traumatic as reports say she believes, it would be easy for her to share.  Instead, the story has contradictions that, at least as reported, raise questions.

That’s not to say that she should not share her story. Indeed, almost everyone says she should.  It came as no surprise that democrats turned that on republicans and critics as an act of oppression and “silencing.”  They have ratcheted up the rhetoric portraying republicans as against victims of sexual assault.

In some of the most twisted logic ever, democrats believe that if she doesn’t have her way, the process will be so tainted that when (if) the democrats win the house, they will seek to impeach Kavanaugh.  At a minimum, the democrats want to haul the FBI in front of a committee to explain why an allegation that isn’t in their jurisdiction wasn’t investigated.

As an aside, Ford’s lawyer has also said her client will only testify under certain conditions. For someone portrayed as eagerly wanting to share her story, it suddenly comes with a whole lot of conditions.  Some of her conditions fly in the face of basic rules of fairness: She doesn’t want to be in the same room with Kavanaugh, denying him the ability to face his accuser.  She wants him to testify first which would deny him the right to answer all the allegations.  And she also wants few cameras, press and to control who asks the questions.

The irony in all this is how the media has portrayed this as bravery on her part. And the assumed guilt of Kavanaugh.  Many on the left have already determined that not only is he guilty of this crime, he should immediately withdraw even if the allegations have no merit.  I have watched more than few pundits suggest that not only is he lying about his denial, but surely there are others who have also been attacked. No one has yet to come forward, but considering the number of women Kavanaugh has hired, the evidence of a long time sexual predator seems to be lacking.

It is entirely possible that the delay the democrats seek is also to locate “victim #2”. A second victim would make it easier to force withdrawing the nomination.  Going against the grain, however, even former girlfriends have showed praise in support of their ex-boyfriend’s character.  Despite those and others who have stated on the record his impeccable traits, it hasn’t stopped the attempts to assassinate his character. One liberal pundit surmised that with “so many opportunities, surely predator Kavanaugh has more victims.”

I’m not one for conspiracies, but something doesn’t seem right.  A lot of convenient coincidences suggest this may be a planned effort.   The letters to Grassley from Ford’s lawyers often use the same lines of rhetoric expressed from democrats on the committee. And lately, they contain the same phrases of unfairness about the process. It’s as if this was might be scripted. Coincidence?

It has been reported that Ford’s lawyer is also a very liberal activist who participated in women’s marches and anti-Trump rallies.  Interestingly, there has been very little press coverage on the background of Ford’s lawyer.  Earlier today, it was reported that disgraced former FBI official Andrew McCabe’s lawyer has joined Ford’s legal team.

One way or another, the story is going to come out.  The narratives Democrats have lined up are easy to predict:

If she testifies and Kavanaugh is confirmed, republicans ignored credible allegations and once again, a sexual assault victim gets no justice, just like Anita Hill.  (FBI said they couldn’t corroborate Hill’s allegations but somehow, the FBI will find Ford’s story to be true…..)

If she doesn’t testify and is confirmed, it’s de-facto silencing a rape victim. How could anyone support such monsters.

Looks like the makings of campaign slogans before the election.

Either way, Kavanaugh has future battles to deal with.  Democrats have threatened to spend as much time and energy as possible harassing the newly confirmed Justice using whatever means is necessary and not out of respect for Ford. She is just their latest piece of political capital who will be thrown away once her usefulness is over.

Republicans, of course, will not fight back. The PR campaign is stacked against them because the media is anti-Trump. Trump, and the members of congress willing to fight back hard,  would but don’t expect the leadership to figure out how much they would energize the base if they would just stand up to the liberals.

You would think the republicans would recognize that voters want strong leaders.  Democrats have shown great strength, even if they are whacky. Imagine if Grassley had just said, “If you’re not here on Monday, we will vote” and every elected republican stood shoulder to shoulder.  And I have a farm full of unicorns.

Since that won’t happen, it’s up to us voters to help ourselves.  Get out and vote.

3 thoughts on “So let me get this straight..

  1. She named for people who were with her at the supposed “party”. All of them, including a “life-long friend” of hers, deny it ever happened.

    At the most, the poor woman made up, or was prompted to make up, the whole story while in therapy. At the least, she’s a knowing liar intent on ruining an innocent man’s life to serve her Party.

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