Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


There are so many from the liberal side, but this one is hilarious.

Well, except for the fact that the victim alleges acts against her specifically by name.  If the assailant denies those acts, which he did, and he denies ever being at such a party where those acts took place, does it mean he implicated himself?

But, it gets dumber ..

It’s one thing if you’re not a witness to an event at a party.  It’s another if you’re being accused of getting someone pregnant.  To suggest denying being at a party without a location or date imputes guilt is nothing more than grasping at straws.

Logic is not something liberals are good at. Ever.


8 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

  1. The supposed party is described as four boys and two girls. Kavanaugh would know whether or not he had ever attended such a pathetic excuse for a party. The party is supposed to have been held at a house near the cpuntry club. Kavanaugh would likely know the locations of any parties he did attend.

    Yeah…logic isn’t Patrick’s forte.

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    • Or he never did any such thing at any of the parties he attended and so knows he never attended such a party. That’s the real option that makes the most sense: he never did any such thing. And I have seen no actual evidence he did. The testimony of a single witness is not proof even in the Bible!

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  2. Honestly, who cares? The event never happened. And, even if something similar did happen. her being a liberal means that there could not be any wrong on the part of any American man no matter what was done to her.

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      • I’m no more or less insane than you. Reread your own post, Is it still possible to curb the intrusive power of government? and tell me if I’m insane for already having given up the fading hope you claim to cling to and the various mindsets and compunctions that come with that hope.

        But then, you’re really no better than the Hillary supporters since you’ve describe 10s of millions of Americans and myself in terms worse than “deplorable.” Hence, your views of my sanity or character don’t mean a lot.

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