Trump is bad!


And there is no such thing as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

And if you believe that, I have some ocean beach property near the Grand Canyon to sell you.

Earlier this week, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California shared the existence of a super secret memo from a “constituent” written back in June to California Representative Anna Eshoo. The hardly read memo is some sort of serious claim against Brett Kavanaugh. Multiple sources who had “supposedly” seen the memo suggest the nominee had some kind of sexual “incident” back in high school.

According to Eschoo, this was passed to Feinstein months before the committee hearing. Sensing all options had failed to derail the process, Feinstein chose to announce the letter and forwarded it to the FBI.  Liberals are all over themselves calling for a delay of the proceedings on something no one has actually seen since Feinstein has promised to keep the memo secret.

Odd considering that Spartacus Senator Cory Booker had been doing his best to release confidential emails from Kavanaugh in order to push a false narrative the emails don’t support.  Not sure how Spartacus Booker was not invited to the super-secret viewing of this highly relevant document.  Obviously, he has fake Spartacus credentials.


Kavanaugh, to his credit, has taken every hit thrown at him. He has been misquoted, lectured, vilified, and tarnished at every turn.  Despite all that, he still managed to answer over 1,200 written questions so as not to delay the process.  So it was funny when Justice Ruth Ginsberg was quoted in a speech how bad the process has become and pointed the fingers at the highly partisan committee members.  I’m sure Ginsberg will get a stern admonishment from the leftist elite for talking out of line.

While this was going on, the government of Puerto Rico announced that the official death toll numbers from the devastating hurricane last year would be raised to over 3,000 based on a statistical analysis and not a body count.  When the President questioned this on Twitter, the entire liberal wing of the Politburo went nuts. Funny that a previous study had a higher number, again not based on a body count, wasn’t used to set the official death toll. Science?

Not to be outdone, the New York Times ran an article about the drapes upgrade in Ambassador Nikki Haley’s New York residence with a price tag of tens of thousands of dollars. The reported rent for the residence is $58,000.. A MONTH. As if the left wing suddenly cares about government spending, it reported towards the end of the article that the expense was approved by the Obama administration.  Instead of just reporting  that at the beginning, the Times wanted to get its digs in on the Trump administration.

All of these things have something in common:  These are coordinated attacks designed to let us all know how much the left hates Trump and will do anything and everything to remove him, even if it is dishonest. They desperately want a blue wave and are doing everything they can to make it happen.

I am of the belief that if republicans lose control of Congress, it’s a result of two things:  The #NeverTrump movement wanting to rid Trump by getting in bed with the enemy while taking pot shots at Trump’s character, and the left’s own collusion with the media to influence the centrist republicans and independents perceptions of Trump’s character.

For those who have come around to Trump, as well as his ardent supporters, this confirms the system is rigged in favor of the elites.  Elites in Congress have stalled border wall funding, reneged on promises of cutting spending, and continue to fund Planned Parenthood. If there was ever a time republicans were given an upper hand and chose to squander it, this is it.

Another way to look at this:  Despite the media’s constant polling of Trump – he still has a higher approval rating than Congress.  The media and the democrats want to impeach Trump.  He won the presidency by the rules, something the democrats are all in favor of changing.  All my neighbors, friends, and business associates have fared better in the last year than they have in the previous eight years combined.

But, you’d never know any of this because this was never about a stronger and more prosperous America; it’s about the elites telling you who should be your leaders.  It’s almost as if they think the voters are stupid.  Isn’t that how we got Trump in the first place?


14 thoughts on “Trump is bad!

  1. At noon today, CBS radio news was still reporting the Nikke Haley UN apartment story simply as “The government spent $58,000 on drapes for Nikki Haley’s UN apartment during a time of reduced spending at the UN.” Totally neglected to say anything at all about the money being okayed and spent by the Obama admin when they still thought Hillary would be appointing the next UN Ambassador.

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  2. You know whats dumber than a shit sniffing fattopotumus?

    Booker didnt realize that gladiators used to hone their skills on live spaing partners usually black slaves.


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    • I… doubt that. Even the cheapest slaves cost money, and even in the arena gladiators rarely fought to the death.

      The real problem is that Booker, as a progressive, is a Marxist. Which means he wants to live off other peoples’ labor, ie, slaves. Spartacus was a remarkable figure for his day because he didn’t have the usual stance towards slavery — “OK for the other guy, but not for me” — and refused to take any slaves during his tromping around Italy. In contrast, some Gaul gladiators who escaped with him spit off and DID take slaves.

      If Booker renounces socialism in all its guises, embraces liberty, dedicates himself to making it possible for Americans to do better on their own, and refuses to enrich himself off his time in office, then he’ll be somewhat closer to the model of Spartacus.

      As it is, he’s rather like Mithradates, a contemporary of Spartacus. Mithradates made good speeches about being opposed to Roman slavery — but had slaves of his own.

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        • Mithridates had to get a soldier to kill him when the Romans cornered him because he couldn’t poison himself. He’d spent his life building up an immunity to poison and, when the time came, he had enough — put used most of it to kill his daughters and the remaining wasn’t enough to overcome his tolerance.

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    • Um. No. That’s nonsense. Black slaves, (Nubians in Roman terms) were not common, and most certainly were not expendable. There’s a book about Roman slavery. I have it. Trust me, Nubians were rare, expensive, and cherished.

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  3. One thing – I would not allow Donald Trump under my roof. However, despite my condemnation of his personal character and morality – he’s doing a number of things absolutely right. It is not the business of a bunch of snooty elitists to tell me that the evidence of my own eyes is wrong. Trump, while (in my anything but humble opinion) a man of poor character, understands that government is not helping most of us, and it needs to be gotten out of the way. I don’t have to approve of him to see that he’s got the essential thing exactly right.

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