Double Dumbass Day


Or as they say, self-awareness not a requirement to be Bill (Mathews) Schmalfledt

Earlier today, I made a post about how Schmalfeldt was making fun of Trump’s threats towards Google.

Then he tweets this about Trump’s statement on remembering Pearl Harbor.

The key point of the tweet is the first part of the second sentence about casual lying and disregard for the truth.  Schmalfeldt’s history of lying and complete disregard of the truth is legion.  All anyone has to do is visit Hogewash!, click on any post with the tag “Bill Schmalfeldt” on it and you’ll be given a history lesson in abject failure.

In addition to reporting of abject failure, the analysis sites of Billy Sez! and Thinking Man’s Zombie offer more entertaining, if not damning perspective on the antics of “dis-regarding the truth” from our favorite radio host who most likely was hired on false pretenses.

Context is not important to Schmalfeldt.  He claims he has been infected with Parkinson’s Disease and at one point (back in 2011) said he was in the early stages of Parkinson’s related dementia.  It was cited as one of the reasons he needed to retire (yes, he provided all the documentation for this decision.)  Fast forward to today and he’s working as a morning show host at the local radio station in Guymon, Oklahoma. And criticizing others about .. lying.

Go figure.



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