Asking for a friend..


A certain someone is tweeting again.

Is that the same as “If you don’t stop questioning my Parkinson’s Disease on your blog and accept my word as being the absolute truth, I will sue you in court!”?



5 thoughts on “Asking for a friend..

  1. I’m pretty sure that when Bill Mathews aka Stolen Valor Shit Sniffing Turd Rolling Restraining Order Collecting LOLSUIT Losing Narcissistic Sociopathic Parkinson’s Faking Cyberstalking Pet Abandoning Troll Bill Schmalfeldt says “asking for a friend,” he’s not seeking to have a question answered on behalf of someone he knows.

    He’s literally begging for someone to be his friend so he can experience just once what that is like before he dies.

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  2. 10th earl of restrania, holder of the order of undistinquished service medal (with clusters), member of the unsoldish authors guild ( cutnpaste chapter), former editor of the unread unmasked, and keeper of the urn…

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