Reading the news requires a certain amount of faith.

Omarosa shared a tape of White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, firing her in the secured situation room.   The media is spinning this to suggest that this may be problematic, except they can’t really explain why, so they decide to give her air time.

The problem actually lies with the media. Omarosa has had an integrity problem since her days on the Apprentice.  She appeared on Meet the Press, but the head-scratcher is why?  She was very much a feature of President Trump’s campaign and was considered toxic by the left all the way up to her firing.

In other words, the left has warmed to a person with questionable integrity all because she may have some salacious materials to reinforce liberal derangement.  It’s true Trump kept her around, but now she completely disavows her work of outreach to the African American community, and says that Trump is a racist.

Let me see if I understand this:  She wanted to be on Team Trump and helped him in many ways, but when her well-known antics became problematic to keep around, she now has decided her efforts were fake.  To put it another way, while accusing Trump of being a con, she herself is a con.

And the media isn’t quite sure how to handle it when at best, they should have not given her bandwidth.  People who care little for the media’s incessant need to attack Trump  care even less about Omarosa.  However, the media’s attempt to rehabilitate her in some way will certainly backfire.  She is not respected in the circles of the left, but she needs her book to sale because she screwed up her opportunities in the Trump administration. What better way to join the narrative than to claim victimhood for your own sins and appeal to the group who plays that role to no end.

Go figure.

Speaking of trying to rehabilitate someone, Minnesota candidate for Attorney General, and former deputy DNC chair Keith Ellison has been accused of abusing an ex-girlfriend.  Interestingly, the media’s response in headlines has been to include the words “deny allegations”, something the GOP or conservatives would never see in the first few days of breaking news.

Ellison’s history had been known before amongst those in close Democrat circles, but because of his power gains, any hint of abuse towards women have been squelched.  Isn’t it interesting how many powerful Democrat operatives have issues with women and they manage to get a pass.  It’s almost as if they created the #MeToo movement.

Speaking of weird headlines, Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups are attacking police and reporters both before and during the “Unite the Right” marches in DC.  Interestingly, the Washington Post headline says this: “Anti-hate protesters far outnumber white supremacists as groups rally near White House”

Anti-hate protesters?  Yep, the media continues their disgusting characterization of two rather large hate groups as “Anti-hate.”  Apparently, the word hate has a new definition within the media.  It must include a bunch of masked anti-white white people who use violence to push a narrative the media completely glosses over simply because the other side are white supremacists.  Both groups are reprehensible.  Black Lives Matter is the same as the other two, they just happen to hate cops, the rule of law and white people.

And people wonder why we have Trump.

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