Corey Booker..


is in touch with his feminine side and wants you all to know it.


His poor heart is broken because America is a savage and despicable place.

I hear a lot of liberals say “Love trumps hate”.  I always respond that “Love” is not a policy, it’s just a feeling.

Still, Booker’s laments about the direction of the Democrat party are nothing more than emotional pleadings which are intended to reflect liberal views rather than policies that matter.

Things “Love” doesn’t affect:

Tariffs raised by other countries against American businesses.

A terrorist from flying an airplane full of fuel and American passengers into skyscrapers and federal buildings.

Gather intelligence against adversaries intent on destroying Americans.

Hasn’t stopped Central American regimes from forcing their citizens to send their children through Mexico into the US illegally.

Pay the middle class worker’s bills.

Raise the choices and wealth of American middle class workers.

Of course, the list is actually much larger but throughout it’s history the Democrats have been the foundation of human suffering in US history.  And now they want to embrace socialism, the same ideology responsible for number one cause of deaths in the 20th century.

Go figure.

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