Oh really?


Someone is feeling their oats.

Let’s say you decide you’re going to move on with your life, leaving those who have bested you in every way far behind so that you can live in peace.

After you have established yourself, what good would it be to visit the grounds stained with your (rhetorical) blood of failure?

The attempt to use another fake persona has presented itself:


IP address resolves as a Mediacomm owned address located in Clinton, Iowa.

John Hoge had a comment left from the same person on his site.

So let me see if I understand this:

This person calls him “Cousin Bill”.  Highly doubtful, but let’s follow this path logically. Schmalfeldt has managed to convince a “relative” to start making comments on the blogs of his betters.  I thought Bill wanted to move on? Does Bill know his relatives have taken up his cause without his knowledge?

This person has never commented on here before.  The article this person chose to comment on is one that throws into question Schmalfeldt’s claims with factual evidence provided by the grifter himself.  Why would a relative all of sudden pop in on that particular post?

Since his move to Oklahoma, he has stayed silent, although he continues to visit this site and the others who have embarrassed him and made him look foolish.  Why he continues to keep looking after “moving on” makes no sense, but I would imagine he isn’t serious about moving on. His girlfriend recently threatened to call the police on people who rightfully want to see her “boyfriend” answer for his misdeeds.  She seems to forget that she is also a willing accomplice to his harassment for which she will also be held legally accountable.

In any event, it was expected that Schmalfeldt would attempt to stoke the embers that have burned him in the past. The question is, will he ever learn?


12 thoughts on “Oh really?

  1. Volunteering for a medical research study does not prove Bill has Parkinson’s Disease. Not even close. However, if this relative can provide ANY evidence to support the two declarations made in the above comment, I will donate $200 to the Parkinson’s charity of the author’s choosing.

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  2. He has always been a sloppy writer:
    “experimental type of deep brain stimulation”? No. Same old type, just putting it into people at an earlier stage of the disease. Not an experimental type at all but an experimental stage, possible the actual experiment may have been to see what happens when you install it in people that don’t have PD at all.
    “after spending so many years at the NIH” Every timeline I’ve ever seen is that he was on his way out on disability within 18 months of joining NIH.

    I know its a hopeless wish that he would keep his facts straight when his goal is to muddy the water so much that no one can call out his lies.

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    • Bill always tries to inflate his importance. I think it’s a character trait of people that have been failures their entire lives. Remember how he crowed about being on the beaches of Lebanon until an FOIA request turned up his real military records and showed him for the stolen valor faker he is?

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