… about that Cohen tape…

Lanny Davis, Michael Cohen’s attorney released a tape to CNN that supposedly shows definitively that Trump was attempting to silence playboy playmate Karen McDougal from selling her story.  The implication is that this amounts to “high crimes and misdemeanors” or at the least, violation of campaign finance laws.. or something.

The conversation on the tape is rather benign. And yet, the #Resistance, based on statements made by Chris Cuomo believe they’ve finally got enough to impeach Trump.

IANAL, but the tape proves nothing of an impeachable offense.  The fact that it was released may have implications, but the substance of what is “there” doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, Trump’s approval ratings keep going up, and the liberals are going more insane.  Trying to decide if there is enough evidence if there is a causal link between Trump’s ratings and liberal insanity.


8 thoughts on “So…

  1. I have to wonder how Cohen gets to secretly record a privileged attorney-client conversation and then have another attorney give it to the press. How is that even legal? What am I missing?

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    • There you go, using logic again. In addition, since the actions supposedly discussed never occurred, there is also that nugget to make the tape meaningless.

      I also notice that the press isn’t talking about the other 11 tapes – the ones of conversations between Cohen and “journalists” – I wonder what is on those? Probably proof that reporters can be bought even cheaper than strippers or Playboy bunnies.

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