Just so you all know..


I’m still alive.

I have endured the following Trump administration milestones:

Trump’s election as the President.

His subsequent inauguration into office.

His executive orders on immigration and visas.

Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords.

Withdrawal from the Iran deal.

Gorsuch’s nomination, senate’s consent and swearing in to the Supreme Court.

The GOP Tax and Jobs act.

Lowest Hispanic unemployment milestone.

Lowest African American unemployment milestone.

An increase in income.

Chinese tariffs.

European tariffs.

G-7 meeting.

NAFTA negotiations.

North Korea Summit.

NATO Summit

Putin’s Summit.

Other than an occasional scratch from my cat, I’m still in excellent health both physically and mentally.

Liberals, though..


The liberals have been ratcheting up the rhetoric to orbital levels which is shameful in of itself.  There are human tragedies that are in a class by themselves.  Elevating Trump’s actions to those extremes minimizes the lessons we learned about ourselves.

Where is the line that liberals won’t cross when it comes to Trump?  The better question is, at what point will they stop with their self-destructive behavior?  What do popcorn futures look like?


5 thoughts on “Just so you all know..

  1. Don’t forget the repeal of Net Neutrality. That’s what killed me. But it’s also how I’m able to post from beyond the grave, so it really didn’t work out too badly.

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  2. On the very much brighter side, the Left’s ever my inflammatory and ever more inciteful to violence rhetoric will sooner or later provide America with our own Ernst vom Rath. Then, the People will rise and we will truly make America great again.

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