Let me get this straight…


Russian GRU officers managed to hack the DNC’s computers and a state elections board.

James Clapper was the NSA Director under President Obama.

John Brennan was the Director of the CIA during Obama’s second term.

Both individuals have spent a lot of time on leftist news shows slamming the Trump administration about not taking the Russian’s seriously.

Let’s review a little history:

John Podesta opened a spear phishing email after his IT specialist failed to identify the suspect email (no really, it’s not that hard to figure out if an email is suspect.)  It was believed by intelligence analysts to come from Russia.

DCCC and DNC computers were hacked in 2016 and, according to the latest Mueller indictment, was a coordinated effort by Russian GRU intelligence officers.

A local state board was hacked and information on half a million voters were downloaded.  The software company on that same system was also a target of hacking.

The RNC computers were also attacked, but those efforts resulted in no breach, most likely because the RNC must’ve hired some good IT Security folks.

So if Clapper, Brennan, the entire DNC and every liberal in America is mad at Trump because he isn’t taking the Russian threat seriously, how come it wasn’t serious when the Russians were actively attacking the DNC and Democrat officials?

The left wants Trump to cancel the summit with Putin.  The DNC, the Obama intelligence community, and others are shouting from the rooftops for Trump to do something as if they are trying to distract from their mistakes.  Funny how they are trying to make their failures Trump’s problems.

You also have to wonder – had Hillary campaigned in the blue wall states more effectively, would people have even cared?




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