Liberals must hate winning.


Winning means something entirely different with liberals.

This past week witnessed the utter demoralization of progressive minions while they watch Former President Obama’s legacy become a distant memory.

As economic progress continues to enrich the lives of the middle class that was often promised by “Elite” Democrats, President Trump rolls on with his agenda. Good news is following him everywhere.  The left hasn’t stopped fighting and embarrassing themselves.

The “Children of the Border” saga caused a restaurant owner to decline service to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family.  Emboldened by this, unhinged California Democrat Maxine Waters called for the same treatment of all Trump administration officials no matter where they went.  Celebrities cheered and even encouraged all liberals to make their distaste known.

However, a few, and I mean there are really very few, reasonable liberals objected. When confronted, Waters blamed any violence generated by her incitement on President Trump.  Her words were the fault of the president.  Yeah, right.

As the rhetoric continues to grow, it was quickly doused with gasoline and a lit match when Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the more moderate conservative that gave liberal social justice warriors validity, decided to retire.  The anguish was so thick that many conservatives are experiencing painful lulz muscle cramps.

Liberals and the media are lamenting how the Supreme Court might actually become champions of the Constitution.  Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell threw a few jars of kerosene on his Democrat colleague’s self immolation, boldly proclaiming there will be a vote on the president’s nominee before the mid-term elections.

Schumer cried foul of Republican shenanigans to use the rules Democrats wrote. Failing to gain any sympathy, the minority leader tried to put McConnell on the spot with the so-called Garland rule, which was really the original Biden rule, and was not meant for first term nominees for an upcoming mid-term election.  It’s as if cryin’ Chuck forgot history – the same history where Senator “Illegal Immigrants are a problem” Schumer lives.

New poll numbers came out causing more anguish for the Democrats.  The public is not buying the “Tax cuts are bad, open borders are great, you need bigger government” pitch that has worked for them in the past.  And to add more misery to their cracking power struggle, an unknown female socialist #MeToo’d incumbent and heir apparent to Nancy Pelosi Joe Crowley.  Pelosi was not amused.

It’s gotten so bad that several #NeverTrumper’s have decided to join the Democrat ranks: Steve Schmidt, John McCain’s campaign manager abandoned the GOP, even though he was a closet liberal for years. Famed conservative writer George Will will now cast his ballot for Democrats to stop Trump. How long before Joe Scarborough decides to switch to Mika’s party?

The news just keeps getting worse for our Democrat friends.  The Federal Reserve is predicting greater than 4% GDP growth this year.  Wages are rising. Manufacturing is experiencing positive growth.  People are optimistic. And so are the business owners. Trump’s approval ratings continue to defy liberal and media anguish.

All this winning has even caused a certain someone to come out of disability retirement to look for a job – you know, that disability that never gets better which caused him to retire in the first place?  Wonder if he should start wearing one of those red hats?

Say what you will about Trump: He has delivered on his promises to put the country on the right track.  The Supreme Court vacancy and upcoming nomination will put a dagger into the hearts of liberals. I expect the media and liberal smears to escalate beyond extreme levels.  And it will be glorious to watch.


3 thoughts on “Liberals must hate winning.

  1. “All this winning has even caused a certain someone to come out of disability retirement to look for a job – you know, that disability that never gets better which caused him to retire in the first place?”


    That won’t last long, and if it does, remember, the rules according to William Schmalfeldt, the valor stealing parkinsons faking shitbag (#whereisonyx) say that its okay to let an employer know about their employees.

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    • Wait what????? He’s claimed several times in the recent past he was ‘getting a job’. I think he lies just so he has something to read on his computer screen. No way that fat, lazy, valor stealing moron could ever get or keep a job.

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