So let me get this straight..


The rules can be very confusing.

According to liberals, we are a nation of laws.

For example, during the third debate when then Candidate Trump was asked by Chris Wallace if he would accept the results of the election, he responded with “We’ll see.” He was shredded by the media and pundits for undermining the fabric of our “democracy” and “rule of law.”

Hillary lost.

Liberals then tried to undermine the legally and lawful certified election results by trying to convince the electors to VIOLATE the law and not vote Trump.

Liberals in Congress tried to hijack the electoral vote certification. Then-Vice President Joe Biden had to turn back numerous objections that were not legal.

James Comey was recommended to be fired from his position of the FBI in which President Trump did so, lawfully.  A later IG report reaches the conclusion that the Comey did not perform his job in a manner consistent with laws and regulations.  Liberals claim his firing was obstruction.

Robert Mueller was appointed as a Special Prosecutor to investigate the suspected Russian collusion and interference in the US election.  So far, the only thing he’s managed to indict are foreign actors, Trump’s former Campaign manager on activities unrelated to the campaign, and a number of other individuals on the campaign for process crimes, again, not related to any actual collusion.   President Trump has the power to fire the Special Prosecutor, but has abstained from doing so.

So far so good?

Illegal immigrants are bring children, many who are not their own, across the border.  US law, passed by a previous administration, calls for separating these children. Trump is following the law as part of his campaign promise to curb illegal immigration, something the voters made clear on November 8, 2016.

Liberal members of Congress have refused to help push legislation to close the loophole, instead focusing on “Dreamers”.  Now that the plight of children has come to the foreground, despite past administrations also following the law, the liberals are hoping this will do what Stormy Daniels, Robert Mueller, trade tariffs and general butthurt are not able to do.

The argument could easily be made that illegal immigrants are using children as pawns to keep the borders open. Democrats are in desperate need of an issue that will help them in the mid-terms.  Ironically, it is liberals who want unfettered access to kill children by abortion even though such a right does not exist in the Constitution.

A nation of laws?  Liberals can hardly be accused of being such supporters.


2 thoughts on “So let me get this straight..

  1. Separating a child from their mother is the worst thing people can do. Only monsters would separate families. It involves concentration camps, etc.

    We must give asylum to women who claim domestic violence in order to separate them from their families.

    Ripping a baby from their mother’s womb, limb by limb, is an inviolable human right that must be protected. We must do that hundreds of thousands of times a year or we’re worse than Hitler.

    If you can believe all of those things, you must be a progressive. Also mentally ill.

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