Hollywood Tough Guys


Robert De Niro may have played “tough guy” roles, but he’s no tough guy.

Imagine standing in a room full of friends and allies and shouting to the camera, “F*** TRUMP!”

Real tough guy language.  De Niro’s pulls no punches expressing his disdain for President Donald Trump.  Included in his bravado is to cause physical harm.

It’s not surprising that so many Hollywood celebrities “act” as if they could back up their words while standing on a stage surrounded by their own armed security.  It’s pretty easy to fake having a spine.

It’s another thing if De Niro and his elite friends would speak at a Trump rally and make those same utterances.  I doubt the decibel spike would be related to a standing ovation.  If anything, De Niro would fake a schedule conflict or perhaps an ingrown toenail rather than face a group of American voters willing to take him head on.  Actors don’t take criticism well.  A hostile audience can’t be a good thing.

There are a lot of tough guys in the world who hide behind the microphone, social media, or the community gate security. Whether it be through threats of a physical nature or legal action, they cower and slink away because the backbone is not as big when they need it to support the weight of their hollow words.

I like Bobby as an actor and I have enjoyed watching his movies. I’m also amused he believes his voice has sway over the voters who are tired of people like him trying to dictate who they should or shouldn’t elect.

Votes of the people matter.  Loud nonsense from a rich actor trying to live up to the roles he portrayed in movies, not so much.


7 thoughts on “Hollywood Tough Guys

  1. Again, had an actor stood up and said “FUCK OBAMA” the outrage for such disrespect for the presidency would have been a tsunami.

    But when its someone they don’t like? Perfectly acceptable.

    Because hypocrisy is the #2 play in the leftist playbook (behind calling people you dont agree with racist/sexist/transphobic/etc)

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    • In a related vein, I have not contributed one penny to Hollywood, be it movie tickets or downloadable digital content for years. Hollywood on the whole makes crap movies anyway.

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  2. Just remember, all we have to do is make them play by their own rules. Alinsky was right in that regard, even if he was a fool about the American people.

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