Trump laying it on the line.


The leader of the greatest Republic the world has ever known is a push-over no more.

President Obama’s foreign policy direction was based on two principles:  We needed to apologize to the world for past deeds, and that America would be kinder and gentler, allowing other world leaders to dictate American interests.

In 2016, voters decided they had enough of liberal-progressive policies that made Americans second-rate world citizens.  While Obama said American leadership was vital, more often than not, he gave into enemies and allowed our allies to impose their will against the United States. Trump could no longer stand by, even after enduring ridicule from the media and the establishment, and tapped into the spirit of Reagan, energizing voters that brought about the greatest political upset in US politics.

World Leaders now face a hard nosed, tough business man with a penchant of playing hard ball, burning the rule book used by career diplomats that kept American spirit in a bottle – all thanks to the American voter. The establishment, liberals and media elite are expressing alarm at a man whose acts appear brash, erratic and insulting that some have even suggested Trump is about to start a whole new kind of war with the world.

Over the last year and a half, Trump’s every move, tweet, utterance and expression has been carefully scrutinized as a negative, pushing the country to a lower point in the eyes of the liberal progressives.  The more the press and establishment whine, expressing their tears of outrage does Trump become more emboldened to keep pushing his agenda.

Trump is being himself.  And being himself has produced results that have benefited his interests and those of his partners – in this case, the American voter. His approval ratings are higher than Obama or Reagan at the same points in their first terms.  The economy is growing at levels not seen at all during Obama’s eight years of promises.

If you listen to a liberal still struggling to find a job with a degree in <insert protected class> studies, or #NeverTrumpers, Trump has ruined the world. If you listen to his base and even those who were willing to give him a chance, he’s not only produced but his promise to MAGA is becoming a reality.

Here’s an example of a progressive who fails at life and wants the world to appeal to the American voter, the same world that does not have our interests:

Issue a communique and include a hashtag reference to an avowed bigot and homophobe, or as they say, “of the same ilk”.

And for added irony..


So says Mr. Fecal King.

11 thoughts on “Trump laying it on the line.

  1. Is this the same “Be proud of the filth in your head” William we all know, or some other draw-string pants defecator? The self-awareness failure is uncanny.

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  2. One of my favorite criticisms of Trump is “but look at all the times he’s gone bankrupt!” Well, yes, he’s taken risks that didn’t pan out, and recovered to achieve even more.

    The guy you quoted has just wallowed in failure.

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  3. Every time I read his attempts at political comentary, the sheer “I JUST POOPED!!!” level of idiocy and complete lack of understanding of how things work makes me want to punch my monitor.

    How can so much stupid be contained in one man?

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  4. So supposedly the great evil of 2016 was that the Russians “interfered” in the election.

    But Cabin Boy calls on the G7 countries to interfere in our government by calling for Trump’s removal?

    That’s brilliant.

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