This is telling..


Gotta love projection.

I never said I was a captain of any industry.   It is true I have a skill set that is demand in my field.  I’m no industry leader, but companies pay me good money which means I have no need to use a government safety net.  I have a strong reputation in my network because we don’t try and tear each other apart or hide behind cowardly political motives.

Being in excellent health and able to converse easily with beautiful women comfortably  is also a plus.  My strong heterosexual nature bothers him.

I am guessing he is more comfortable in the homosexual realm considering he focuses on man genitalia, photo-shops images of gay porn, writes skits of male children having sex and older men having sex with young boys.

And I foresee lol-ing quite a bit, especially after May 30th.


9 thoughts on “This is telling..

  1. How many Twitter IDs does Bill Schmalfeldt have? Yet it still does not get noticed, gets shadow banned, gets rebranded weekly or biweekly and gets PLM daily. It’s not only projection, it’s jealousy. Sad!

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  2. The Jovial One
    ‏@BroadwayBill_XM 3:56 PM – 23 May 2018

    I wonder if Marvin @sonoranconserv and the other stalker bloggers who have claimed I am faking my Parkinson’s will have to rebut evidence like these photos from a congressional briefing in the Cannon Caucus Room in which I was a speaker? Marvin should get in touch with me.

    Rebut photos? ORLY? Only DUMBF5CKS rebut photos. Real lawyers rebut claims. What an idiot.

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