You know..


This whole thing about going to court seems lost on certain 8 time failures.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation:

Suppose “Bob” is going to sue a someone for, say accurately reporting on him and providing opinion analysis based on Bob’s publicly shared activities.  Let’s say the person he is going to sue is named “Maverick”.


Years before, Bob says he has been diagnosed with a progressive disorder that is slowly taking away his quality of life.  He can’t drive and has round the clock care from his significant other.

Later, during an internet dispute with the Sheriff of Twitter Town, Bob tells the world that his dealings with Sheriff Hoge and his posse of lickspittles are causing his disease to worsen. Frustrated that justice is not able to help him, he moves.

At his new place, Bob’s progressive disease gets so much better that he is now able to drive and doesn’t need a caretaker. One day, Bob meets a girl on a beach on a thousand mile drive one way, falls in love and moves to be with the love of his life, number four.. or his fourth newest love.. whatever.

Bob decides he’s had enough of a beautiful maiden, a zombie, some lickspittle posse members, and Sheriff of Twitter town because they are accurately reporting on his antics while publicly laughing at him.  So he sues in federal court and receives even more mockery.

During this time, his new squeeze posts a picture of him on the twitterz laying on a bed. Maverick sees the tweet and shares it on the Twitter Town Sheriff’s blog.  Bob is not happy.  So Bob decides he’s going to dox Maverick.

But Maverick makes Bob dance in circles.  Bob comes up with a scheme to libel Maverick by claiming he is a serial child molester in the hopes of Maverick giving himself up.  Maverick eventually reveals himself on a glitch and Bob decides he has Maverick by the balls.

In a podcast that has been downloaded and stored in multiple places for safekeeping, Bob states very clearly that unless Maverick cooperates with Bob’s extortion, he is going to get Maverick fired, and cause him to lose his home, family and comfortable well being.

Maverick, of course, points and laughs and then dares Bob to make his day.

While this is going on, Bob harasses the beautiful maiden from his lawsuit and gets a notice of no-contact order.  He travels by bus for several hours only to lose in court by actually admitting he harassed the maiden.  No seriously, who goes into court, gets asked, “Did you do these things?” and says, “Yes I did.”


Bob was also summoned to a court in Maryland for breaking court rules during a hearing and decides to tell the judge his now recurring progressive disease has returned and if the judge didn’t allow him to testify remotely, he was going to SUE THE COURT AND THE STATE OF MARYLAND FOR VIOLATIONS OF THE AMERICAN DISABILITIES ACT!!!! (because he’s been so successful before.)

Later, while trying to figure out how to create more defendants, Bob modifies his federal suit that gets him into trouble with the court and as a result, has to scale back his plans.

Bob ultimately loses his suit and then runs away and hides.  While “hiding” Bob travels across the country by bus.  He claimed he had a job in New Mexico and he documented his travel where a few short months prior he couldn’t travel to a court hearing that was WAY shorter in distance.

Bob decides he wants to harass Maverick but gets nowhere and receives a lot of PLM in return. Bob goes silent again after being laughed at because Bob doesn’t get it. Bob announced he lands another job, but finds out later the station has the internet and google’s Bob and so they retract their offer.  Bob says someone lied to the station manager and blames everyone.

Recently, Bob visited Maverick’s site and again, threatens Maverick with the same trope that Bob has been medically diagnosed with a progressive disease and Maverick is “libeling” him by not admitting it’s true even though Maverick has evidence, provided by Bob in the form of comments stored on his blog, that Bob admits medical professionals have said he doesn’t have the claimed progressive disease.

Bob implies that if Maverick doesn’t take down documented facts about Bob’s activities as a person of a progressive disability using Bob’s own posts and pictures, Maverick may receive a heap of legal trouble.  Bob sets his doom clock for May 30, 2018 to apologize and take down Bob’s documented history provided by Bob… or..else..

Everyone caught up with the hypothetical?

Good.  So, what do you think will happen?

… besides the obvious failure and more PLM.




9 thoughts on “You know..

  1. Child rape advocate, unsold author, child pornographer, fake journslist, fake combat vet, fake fakinson, dead baby harasser, toddler harasser, perjurer, fan boi of serial terrorist bomber, multiple fired hack blogger, holder of numerous multistate restraining orders, missing animal suspect, extremely bad car parker, liarr, forger, and serial abuser of women….

    Yeah say it with me defamation proof

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  2. The hypochondriac hypothetical Bob sounds like a thin skinned pussy to me. It also sounds like he has provided a mountain of evidence in which Maverick can use against him.

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    • That’s the problem he can never, ever surmount. He’s the one that said allllll that stuff. In public. But he just doesn’t like what people think about it.

      Butthurt is not, and never has been, a tort. And it certainly isn’t libel.

      His repetitiveness is getting boring. It isn’t even like when in a Sonata you come back to the main theme. You like the repetition then because it’s only the first or second repeat. Not the 10th, 11th or 12th…

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    • Oh, yeah! I call it a mountain of evidence. Reasonable people look at the evidence, and…guess what? They aren’t going to believe Bob.

      More accurately, they’re going to wonder which Bob to believe. Which is the crux of the problem.

      Laptop, home.

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  3. Here’s an example of how significant DUMBFUCK’s lulzsuits are.

    I forgot that he was suing me WHILE he was suing me. I only remembered that I was a defendant the day the dismissal order was issued.

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