Real Life again..


Real life is all over me.

All this economic winning is keeping me quite busy on the work front and I’m enjoying a higher than expected boost in income.

There is so much work that I am unable to re-brand my twitter account with pictures of celebrities.  I do have pics of me with a few celebrities, one of them is actually with Gordon Jump.  However, there is no time to update my cover photo profiles.

In the meantime, I see that liberals are embracing the misogynist, murderous, and child raper MS-13 gangs. Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski were unavailable for comment.

4 thoughts on “Real Life again..

  1. The proggs are definitely going to kick some major ass in November. With their platform of Higher Taxes, Abortion, Open Borders, support for Hamas, MS-13 and Iran’s Mullah’s and a tranny in every ladies room, what could possibly go wrong?

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