Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


Oh yes, totally sensible.

All of it is dumb, including the person making the tweet.


8 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

  1. Indeed, I was watching a video of Jordan Peterson being interviewed recently, and the interviewer asked him why he thought that modern people have a more negative reaction to the name Nazi, than communist/marxist, and also reacted more negatively to the image of the swastika than the hammer and cycle, even though those same people realize how bad communism was under Stalin, they just dont seem to knee jerk hate as bad as Hitler…

    not to step on his answer but my immediate thought was, because Hitler, Nazis and Nazi Germany have been demonized non stop since the end of WW2, in school, higher ed, any and all forms of education/media/entertainment, where as Stalin, the USSR and communism has been pretty much forgotten, or out right ignored by the same forms of education/media/entertainment.

    when you consider just how friendly all those cultural agencies were to both social nationalism and communism at the time, it seems weird that only the Nazis are singled out to be hated, but then you have to remember how many marxists/socialists/communist just slunk into the shadows of academia to teach the next generations, and THEY helped keep the hate focus on Nazis, but ignored the very real atrocities of communism….

    anyway, that manifesto is blantantly unworkable in the real world and if you need to have it explained why then you’re too stupid to understand…(not anyone who usually comments here, I mean the idiot who posted that tweet to begin with)

    number 8 alone makes me ask, how many of the people who support that nonsense are lining up to pick up garbage? or work in the sewers??? because in that system you dont get to decide what you do, you get told what you will do…or else.

    and there is nothing stopping anyone who wants to live in that type of society from going to Venezuela, or Cuba, or North Korea…, if you want to live in a marxist/communist/socialist hell hole then by all means dont let anyone stop you, but please stop trying to turn the USA into one because you a fuggin idiot.

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    • After his peace-and-trade treaty with the USSR, every communist in the world was ordered to block war against Hitler. And they did; they were a huge part of the “peace” movement.

      After he invaded the USSR, every communist in the world was ordered to hate Hitler and do everything they could to destroy him. And they did, to the degree of attacking their former allies in the peace movement.

      Since then, they’ve used the Nazis as a smokescreen to mask communist crimes against humanity.

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  2. “All of it is dumb, especially including the person making the tweet.” FIFY

    Matty Yglesias is an especially good example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. And while often (or mostly) wrong, he is never in doubt.

    I’d love for him to spend 6 months in Cuba, living as an ordinary citizen.

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