A lesbian is in a relationship with a transgender man.

They want to have a baby the “old fashioned” way.

That means she has to get off birth control and he has to stop taking estrogen.

He “transitioned” four years prior but can “un-transition” to perform his fatherly duties since he never planned for the fertility problems that come from transitioning.  He also never wanted children. Until now. Or because of her.

So they are back to hetero-normative sex.

And, apparently, not in the good way.

Still, an interesting article about life choices and the consequences.

5 thoughts on “Umm…

  1. TL:DR – Woman wants man to have sex with her so she can have a kid the old fashioned way. (Actually the only way. Can’t have a kid without both egg and sperm)

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  2. Or: medical malpractice, committed in the name of humoring the mentally ill, leads to fertility problems.

    If doctors refused to surgically or chemically mutilate people with body dysmorphic disorder, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

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