Liberals explaining famous protected class people’s actions


It’s like they are talking out their..

Joy Reid. Kanye West.

Joy Reid’s blogs of bigotry surfaced in the Wayback Machine’s archives and she claimed these newly discovered writings were the result of an external actor hacking the archives to defame her.  Not sure why she just didn’t describe the actor as “Russian” since that’s all the rage among the liberal apologists.

Media Matters for America, the Soros funded group known for their outspoken opposition to intolerance and hatred of Fox News, along with several staunch progressives like Joan Walsh, have thrown principles out the window and defended Reid.

You see, she has evolved.  Her past sins can be forgiven because she speaks against the Devil, Donald Trump.  MMFA has chosen not to call a boycott of her past behavior despite their unfailing application of their rules to anyone who violates progressive dogma.  Obviously,  Reid is in the case by case review where the facts are outweighed by the progressive bona fides she has accumulated since her bigoted blogging days.

On the flip-side, Kanye West has thrown his endorsement behind Donald Trump. Liberals went on a rampage because a famous black man expressed an opinion that differs from the labels assigned to him in the Progressive movement. Unswayed by the pearl-clutching progressive mobsters, he donned a “Make America Great Again” hat, and tweeted that Trump has signed one for him.

White Democrats love the black vote.  They believe they are the party that can best help minorities achieve racial equality, freedom of thought, and elevate them to a better future.  That is, until they want to do it off script.

If you are a black person with a questionable social justice past, but you’re a much needed pawn.. I mean.. voice of the progressive movement, your sins are forgiven.

If you’re a white person you can be discriminated against. If you’re a white person who has evolved into a social justice warrior with a non-compliant past, keep it quiet and stay in the back of the room. Otherwise, you’ll be removed and branded as unclean and shamed, although if you’re Al Franken, you’ll still get a hug from the women who chastised you for publicity.

As far as I’m concerned, Kanye is free to express his opinion. Reid is fine to make false claims to deflect from her past behavior.  I have no problem with Democrats trying to explain the contradictions. I find it amusing.





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