Uh huh.


There seems to be a disconnect here.

So Schmalfeldt tweeted this dandy.

Someone spammed the owner of KDSN with defamatory lies about him?

I am not aware of anyone who spammed the owner of KDSN.  Schmalfeldt’s flair for “Real Housewives” drama is legion.

It is possible someone may have sent a note to the station manager about his new hire and need not have “spammed” him.  Maybe the owner took it upon himself, perhaps suggested in a cordial note, to investigate Bill’s online persona.

It’s within the realm of possibilities that someone mailed a large envelope of “Bill’s Greatest Hits”.  Even if that happened, other than Schmalfeldt’s own self-serving statements,  the station owner could have researched Bill on his own volition.  Simply Google “Bill Schmalfeldt” and see his long history of malfeasance.

I will say I have never contacted any potential employer.  I wished he was hired even though everyone realizes it would be short.

This brings in another point that warrants analysis.

Schmalfeldt traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico, back in February and tried not to keep it a secret.

The reason?

But, he was only there for a few weeks and ended up back in South Carolina.  Later, he stated he was hired for a new job:

What happened with the position in New Mexico?


Before Denison, he was hired for a position in North Dakota.  It was during that trip he ended up accepting the radio gig.  No comment on if he was hired for the publication.

So he alleged being hired for two jobs. Neither worked out and certainly not from sabotage by his “stalkers”.

Is it probable that Bill did not have a job in Albuquerque and was just taking a trip?  If no job, why lie?  If he accepted a position, what ended his employment?  Yes, these are rhetorical questions for those who have watched this saga for a while.

It’s not his “stalkers” that cause him trouble: It’s him.  I speculate that once he showed up, his background check revealed a few items requiring further investigation.  Even so, I would not be upset if they hired him.

My stand is that he get hired despite his horrible past. Having a job may serve him in the short term, but it hurts his narratives.  You can characterize it as “sealing his fate.”




26 thoughts on “Uh huh.

    • Don’t those restraining orders now show up on background checks by employers, landlords, contract due diligence…….

      They can ignore all the social media stuff, but harassing children, multiple times in multiple states, yeah, that’s a no brainer

      Buh bye Scum

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  1. Maybe they find he’s been living off disability based on his having an incurable, progressive neurological condition, and figure he’s not actually capable of doing the job. Or worry that he’s setting them up for all sorts of drama and expense due to his “disability”.

    Maybe they’re checking the references he’s given them….

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  2. I really don’t think it was that single email I sent to the station manager. I mean, I didn’t even list all the lawsuits or the names of the people who have restraining orders against Bill. That couldn’t have done it, could it?

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  3. If someone who had found the station’s convenient fax number had then faxed copies of Cabin Boy’s own writings, his own myriad of legal filings, especially ones where he himself described his own obscene “comedy” …. well, that would not be “defamatory” in the least.


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  4. I’d like to ask “Reno of the Jerks aka #superresist how any ‘Trump Supporters’ or ‘Conservatives’ would have future employment information about Bill Schmalfeldt? Where would this specific and very confidential info come from?

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  5. My own theory is that, yes, they made a job offer. Then the station was sold. The station was a Mom and Pop operation. The new Corporate owner probably has procedures in place to vet and onboard new hires. Bill then had to go through the new procedure where his multitude of Restraining Orders surfaced. They could have also found the tens of thousands of words he has written about how he had to retire from the NIH because he couldn’t talk on the radio anymore due to a disease that never gets better. They could have read his own writings about how he got fired from a radio job in Clinton IA due to not being able to follow management instructions. They probably thought that was strange since he never listed that job and told them he has been living in DC all these years.

    No, what sunk Bill’s job wasn’t anyone doing anything other than Bill being Bill. His own internet writings. His vomiting of his sexualization of cub scouts all over the web. His absolute hate for anyone who even resembles the listening demographic of KDSN. Nope, no one has to do a damn thing for Bill to fuck things up for himself. Great job there Bill. Hope there are many more episodes of failure to come. The PLM is fantastic and I’m making some good coin in the pools.

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  6. ?

    William M. Schmalfeldt2 hours ago (Edited)In reply toan earlier postReport abuse
    “Pee Wee” Eric Johnson (“Doug” and “Bluelake”) is one of the people who spammed a radio station that had hired me with defamatory lies. He claims to be an accountant in Paris, TN, but there is no record of him having any state license, so anyone doing business with him should beware. As much as I appreciate his admission that he played a part in causing a radio station to rescind an offered-and-accepted tender of employment, I figure he is punished enough by waking up every morning and having to be… him. But I do thank him for his repeated (although bizarre and obsessive) devotion to my works. Amazon doesn’t let one post a review unless that person actually purchases the work in question. Eric (bless his heart) has spent a considerable amount of money for the right to post false and defamatory reviews about my books and albums. It takes a special kind of hatred and madness to throw money at a person one hates just to be able to go on the record with that obsessive hate. True, his admissions do put him at risk for a defamation lawsuit. But what is life without risk

    Again, I didn’t write the review, I didn’t need to contact the radio station, I never claimed to be a cpa, but why don’t you explain why you chose to harass a grieving mother over the loss of her child, why don’t you explain all the twelve restraining orders granted against you in Maryland, Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina…. many filed by grandmothers, single mothers, and children. Why do you harass children? Why do you make rape child porn about small children?

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  7. So apparently, on the 43rd anniversary of his first wedding, DUMBFUCK has gotten engaged to Inflataskank. Congratulations!!

    Wait…43 years ago? That’s…borrow the one…1975.

    Wasn’t his first tour in the Navy from 1973 to 1977? Yes, I’m sure it was. He’s a Vietnam ERA veteran!

    So if he got married in 1975, DURING HIS FIRST HITCH, how did he meet this woman?

    Obviously a hoochie bar in Subic Bay. Or a cross-dressing cab driver. There’s NEVER a third option.

    Was he dumb enough to go bareback? Did “she” ALSO have a penis, like the Tranny from Japanny? Is that the sad origin of mrmidi?

    Wow, that kid has overcome a lot…RESPEKT.

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  8. I didn’t present any proof as we hadn’t gone that far in the trial, Patrick. …
    –William M. Schmalfeldt in reply to a comment on Amazon

    That is a flat out lie, if you had any such proof then you would have used it. Hell if you had any such proof you would have been crowing it out to the world non stop.

    “It is noted that Plaintiff provides no proof other than his own self-serving statements that ‘Paul Krendler’ … is actually Defendant Grady or any of the other Defendants.”
    — Kaymani D. West, United States Magistrate Judge,Florence, South Carolina

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