Remember that saying about history repeating itself?

His cover:


Cover of another:


One might say he’s trying to sow confusion of an actual religious book.

Oh and, in regards to the tweet:

Anyone can get ranked in an obscure category.



18 thoughts on “Odd..

  1. The one sold book was to Doug in Wisconsin, it actually wasn’t sold, it’s free on amazon prime, well not free, but he gets a very tiny amt.

    Trump & The Seven Deadly Sins: (With Selected Retellings of the Bible to Suit the #MAGA Crowd)Apr 22, 2018
    by William M. Schmalfeldt Sr.
    Kindle Edition
    Subscribers read for free.

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    • Reminds me to avoid polluting my KU reading list with that one. If there’s as much plagiarized and otherwise stolen material (as the cover is just the first piece of evidence), then he hits ANOTHER strike with the materials that Amazon’s been busy policing. They’re going through and cleaning up Kindle Unlimited book padding scams.

      Of course, all of that and things pointed out elsewhere probably won’t come into play because he pretends to be a fellow traveler with Bezos.

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  2. And the monkey flips the switch…

    1.0 out of 5 starsFail – Scam, Borderline Plagiarism, No Real Thought Process From Author
    ByDougon April 24, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
    Like all publications from William Schmalfeldt, this publication is 90 percent cut and paste from other works with maybe 10 percent of own work. Schmalfeldt demonstrates that he has absolutely no knowledge of biblical theology. He fails miserably at trying to tie in Bible verses to tweets by President Trump to explain the President’s morality and/or political policies. Schmalfeldt’s attempt to to rewrite Bible verses to mock supporters of President Trump is beyond sad. William Schmalfeldt seems incapable of original thought. However, this publication is a step up from his publications involving Cub Scout sex.
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    Considering that I did not leave this review, the author violated amazons terms of service by offering free PDFs for Top reviews

    Bill Schmalfeldt
    My stalkertrolls are happy to buy a copy of my new book so they can post negative reviews. I would hope that like-minded #resisters would help counteract this sort of defamation by either purchasing a copy or asking for a free PDF copy

    William M. Schmalfeldt2 hours agoReport abuse
    To “Doug” — while it is true that I did not write the Bible, it is also true that most reports written by journalists rely on properly-attributed quotes. Each quote in the book is attributed to its source by footnotes. The reviewer offers a knee-jerk statement about my “failure” to tie in Bible verses to Trump’s morality but doesn’t explain why he thinks I’ve failed. My “attempt” to rewrite Bible verses is clearly labeled as “fiction” and it goes to illustrate how some folks tend to “rewrite” Scripture in their own way to make them politically expedient. If Eric, I mean “Doug”, was truly interested in providing a fair review he could not possibly have missed that point. But most of all I object to his being allowed to post a blatant lie. I have never published a word about “Cub Scout sex.” This is a smear employed by a small but vocal group of right wing trolls who have no problem with the immorality of lying when it comes to attacking someone they want to keep from prospering. No doubt Mr. Johnson, excuse me, “Doug” was one of the people who spammed a radio station that hired me recently with false defamatory information, causing the radio station to rescind the offer. I do not ask that his review be removed from my product. But I insist that this comment be allowed to stand with it. Go ahead. Check “Doug’s” 11 published reviews. Four of them are negative reviews about products I’ve offered on Amazon. It takes a certain kind of dedication for a troll to be so thoroughly determined to keep an honest (although controversial) writer from honestly marketing a product. I would hope the people reading this would have the common sense to ignore such vile deceit and read the provided samples, then make their own decision on purchasing the product

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    • As soon as I read the phrase “I did not write the Bible” from William Schmalfeldt, the Parkinsons FAKING valor stealing shitbag i knew it was going to be a ton of tl;dr to follow.

      Then I scrolled and wondered if I should work for a psychic hotline.

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    • Still has not sold and more copies

      Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #409,239 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

      #109 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Law > Perspectives on Law > Non-US Legal Systems
      #179 in Kindle Store > Kindle Short Reads > Two hours or more (65-100 pages) > Politics & Social Sciences
      #385 in Books > Law > Legal Theory & Systems > Non-US Legal Systems


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  3. I just noticed something bill’s book is almost 3mb, if memory serves Amazon back charges authors 6 cents per mb for downloads.

    SOB is not smart enough to save his word processor file as html, convert to epub, polish the epub then up load said epub to Amazon via Kindlegen. A 98 page book should only with a cover be about 200 kb.

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  4. Bill Schmalfeldt
    Bill Schmalfeldt
    I wonder if @mayberryville has ever heard about the correlation between shoe size and… well, you know. He claims a male size 6-1/2. No wonder they call him “Pee Wee.” Stalk me some more, assclown!

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