Sunday Blessings


It’s been a while.

Much has taken place during the past few months.

A few friends and family have moved on to God’s loving embrace.  Each loved one left an indelible mark on those they touched. Their work is complete.

On this positive side, more or less, work is hectic.  The Rule 5 wife and I have a high demand for our respective skills.  Getting time away is becoming more difficult.

This weekend we took a breather from our hectic routine to take the dog to the dog park and visit our favorite farmer’s market.  We purchased a few goodies for the week ahead.  Mason had some much-needed exercise.  Monday’s come way too fast.

This has caused a lull in blog postings.  It will be erratic for the next few months as I travel both for work and personal reasons.  My travels may take me out of the country and I look forward to visiting new places.

With that being said I will resurrect this weekly feature with further anecdotes and reflections.  Nice things take place in our world; it’s just rare to read about them.  I hope to contribute a little more sunshine to the internet each week.

Thanks for visiting. I wish you many blessings in the week ahead.

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