The “March for Science” is not about science.


Liberals love to say how Conservatives are anti-science that they march about it.

Someone throws out some science.

Here is the response from the producer of the Ellen Degeneres show:


Science says DNA determines sex or gender.  Someone was asleep in high school biology class.

Science also tells us that life begins at conception.  Feminists will tell you human life at conception is nothing more than clumps of cells.  Feminists in need of bearing offspring must struggle to endure biology despite the patriarchy infesting science.

Even worse, students are of the belief that science is something it’s not:

Here’s hoping more rational kids with a better grasp of the differences between science and social justice become the leaders of the future.


5 thoughts on “The “March for Science” is not about science.

  1. How to spot the difference. Learning real science is hard, you have to think and experiment and test and use actual numbers and data and stuff. Learning ideological science is easy, you just have to chant in unison whatever silly meme the “Progressives” choose for that day.

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    In the blogosphere, one of the predictions that pops up periodically is the one made by Dr. Leona Libby and Dr. Louis Pandolfi. Essentially they made the following prediction in 1979:

    “Prediction: warming trend until year 2000, then very cold”
    Article by George Alexander – Los Angeles Times

    “The forecast is for continued cool weather all over the Earth through the mid-1980s, with a global warming trend setting in thereafter for the rest of the century – followed by a severe cold snap after 2000, a cold snap that might well last throughout the first half of the 21st century. ….

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