No, really, we haven’t been fooled.


He can’t even fool himself.

A comment from reader theman9876 caught my eye:

He is so full of shit!!! Are we to believe that Broadway Bill got himself a job at a very small am radio station in Denison Iowa only as part of a larger plot to “outsmart” his detractors? Last week we heard the station manager at KDSN announce he had just hired a new on air employee from the Washington DC area with experience working in the Federal government etc…

What are the odds that KDSN management decided to Google Bill Schmalfeldt? The internet is forever Cabin Boy and your victims will not be Intimidated or silenced.

These tweets were in the post:

So this was a ruse?

Cool.  Let’s review.  Before he took down this account, he made these tweets:

He announced to the world he had a new gig.  After a couple of hours, the account went dark.

He creates a new account and tweets:

Off to North Dakota for his new job!  Congratulations, Bill!  He tweets about his trip. I won’t post them all. You can go to his timeline and see, but here is one.

Within a couple of days, there is now a new job!

A couple days pass before he returns to his toilet roots.

The next day, in a talk-show podcast, the station owner announces that Broadway Bill has been hired.  Go to the 14:20 mark and listen.  He starts working “next week.” The owner also mentions several facts, some of which are not accurate, but enough facts to prove that Broadway Bill was coming to town.

A day later, he tweets this:

On Monday, he starts tweeting about national events. He retweets articles from Iowa newspapers.  He tweets degrading comments to those responding to his posts making him look like a total loser.

Yesterday, the Liberal Grouch account is resurrected and suggests this was all a ruse!


Was it?

Let me see if I understand this:

To fool Team Free Speech (aka The Lickspittles):

  • Make a tweet he was hired to manage a small midwestern newspaper.
  • Shuts down the Liberal Grouch twitter account.
  • Creates another twitter account for his new “gig”.
  • Posts pictures in tweets of him “traveling”.
  • Announces in a tweet during the trip that his new job is actually in Denison, Iowa.
  • Convinces the station owner to announce on a podcast that Broadway Bill is hired and will start a week later.
  • Posts pictures from an airport in Milwaukee.
  • Decides to attack his former nemesis Ali on Twitter.
  • Resurrects his Liberal Grouch twitter and tells everyone we’ve been fooled!

Let’s assume for the moment that he never left South Carolina.

Forensic evidence suggests his devices did.

Why would the station owner of KDSN make a false statement to his viewers for a new hire?  Seems odd.

The big question in all of this is why? So he could have a laugh at our expense?

I don’t know about my fellow bloggers and commenters, but an elaborate ruse where your devices travel around the country for your own amusement is pretty silly.

The person carrying the devices around the country would not do it for free.  It would be a pretty significant expense considering his income unless he mailed the devices and had an app automatically tweet.  This is the same guy who thinks that someone using the IP address of was attempting to hack into his computer.

The purpose of a ruse is to not only to keep ’em guessing but to make the victims expend considerable effort and resources keeping them off track. I can safely say that no member of the Lickspittles spent any money or energy following his scheme.

And why would they? It’s not like anyone cares if he got a new job.  We’re just watching to see what happens when his past catches up with him. I’m guessing the same thing happened with the North Dakota job and the KDSN gig.

The thing about a ruse is that it’s based on lies and deception. Success depends on the credibility of the individual perpetuating the scheme.  See the problem here?

Broadway Bill has no credibility. That ship sailed a LONG time ago. All of his schemes have ended in failure. The only constant in his plans is that all results end up with more pointing, laughing and mockery.

Congrats on another failure!


17 thoughts on “No, really, we haven’t been fooled.

  1. I’ve always found it a safe bet to assume EVERYTHING Fail Whale Willy says is a lie.
    Including the words “the” & “and”

    but maybe our little social justice weenie is finally maturing, if just a little bit.
    he claims it was a “ruse” instead of blindly blaming everyone but mostly Grady for his lack of employment…then again, the week ain’t over yet.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. It must really suck to be Bill Schmalfeldt in 2018. He has no home, no vehicle, no job, no Parkinson’s, no friends, no family, limited resources and absolutely no prospects of changing anything. He just has a long list of people who have been harmed after entering his life.

    He is now paying the price for a lifetime of being a prick to just about everybody. Bill has been known to go out of his way to harm & punish people with whom he disagrees, when doing nothing would have been the right & equitable thing.

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Wow, I really expected the return of You Will Rue The Day You Messed With Me Bill.

    “Now you’ve done it! What have I got to lose? You’ve poked the bear! You’ve grabbed the tiger by the tail! What is a man who has lost everything capable of? You shall find out! All I wanted was to be left alone! I asked for only one thing; to be able to live my life and ruin the lives of others! Two! Two things! To be able to live my life and ruin the lives of others and indulge in my fanatical devotion to poop jokes! Three! Three things! But no! You had to rouse my ire! Well PREPARE TO REAP THE WHIRLWIND!!!”

    …or something like that, only with more spelling errors.

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