Your political views are not important. Unless you can’t stop sharing them during work hours.

From the article:

“There was a workout that was scheduled for about two weeks, travel was arranged, everything was set for the workout on Monday, then on the eve of the workout Seattle called and said … as a precondition he needs to stop kneeling,” the source told Slate. “He wouldn’t agree to it and they canceled it on Monday.”

I’m guessing that if he was signed, Coach Pete Carroll would be worried Bill Bellichek might play the Star Spangled Banner from the sidelines whenever Kaepernick takes the field.

I’m sure some ESPN analysts are not happy about this but probably can’t say anything since company policy has changed to focus on sports due to falling ratings and viewer complaints.

8 thoughts on “Welp

  1. In other news William Schmalfeldt, formerly of almost working at KDSN, has scrubbed his twitter timeline. Guess harassing minority farmers that are in your stations listening radius isn’t conducive to actually starting a new job.

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  2. Does Dumbf*ck really think he can scrub all the cr*p on his various accounts? He is always more stupid that anyone can believe. There’s no bottom in that pool of stupidity. If he was a band his name would be Pool of Infinite Stupidity.

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  3. Colin Kaepernick is not getting hired for the same reason the Catholic Church doesn’t ordain atheists…
    …the same reason convicted drug dealers don’t get hired by pharmacies…
    …the same reason no health club will hire a morbidly obese person to be a personal trainer…
    …the same reason Kevin Spacey will never be hired to endorse ANYTHING, ever again.

    Like these examples, Colin Kaepernick does not present to the buying public a face that inspires confidence in the product for sale.

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