I don’t believe anyone is thinking rationally here.

England’s response to the increase in murders has resulted in a new class of assault weapons to be confiscated. I’m sure citizens of the Kingdom are all feeling safer for this proactive effort.


This is the great Liberal experiment happening right before your eyes.

9 thoughts on “Umm..

  1. Only properly licensed and trained hammer carriers shall be allowed to carry hammers, and if you want to hang a photograph in your house, you must hire a properly licensed and trained hammer carrier to hammer the nail at a minimum rate of 17 pounds sterling per hour, minimum 2 hours. Said hammer carrier must also be properly licensed and trained to carry those bastardly sharp little nails.

    And the wire that people used to use to hang pictures is now strictly forbidden, given the outsized strangulation attack hazard associated with them.

    Children caught playing with sharp sticks will be sentenced to death.

    Don’t even get me started on paper clips.

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  2. Good Lord, That looks like they raided my tool box, my beading supplies, and my sewing/embroidery/quilting supply boxes/drawers/bags and merely took the first thing they saw out of one of each type. I’m not sure about the long file thingy, but we have multiples of all of those dangerous weapons just lying around the house, not to mention the kitchen knives, the steak knives, the belt knives, the sgain dubh, the scramasax (last used for cutting on the wedding cake), the hand saw, the circular saw, and the hedge trimmers (manual and electric).

    I can guarantee that with a quarter century more collecting time, as well has hobbies including some woodworking, my parents have even more vicious assault weapons around their place.

    The “Island Formerly Known As Great Britain” indeed.

    I wonder how the Scots are taking this threat to their traditional attire?

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