Still a bigot, eh?


Broadway Bill is a card – card-carrying bigot, that is.

It wasn’t long after Bill Schmalfeldt managed to convince a small town radio station to hire him that his true colors shined.

Broadway Bill Schmalfeldt, the purveyor of satire and parody, tweeted this gem:

It didn’t take long for someone to call out Broadway for his lack of facts and intelligence.

Broadway was not about to be educated because that would mean he’d have to re-examine his purpose in life.  He decides to double down on hyperbole with a heap of bigotry.

“Brown” immigrants?  Remind anyone of anything?

Can’t wait to see how the management of KDSN, residents of Denison, Iowa, and the surrounding area responds to Broadway Bill’s progressivism.

10 thoughts on “Still a bigot, eh?

  1. He will inevitably step on is crank (again), get called on it (again), sullenly sulk about it and keep pushing the envelope to prove they are not the boss of him (again), and get fired (again).

    He will lie and claim it was his idea to leave.


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  2. Will he ever grow up and be able to have a rational discussion with anyone without resorting to childish taunts? This is the precise reason he was fired from the Examiner, twice. I wish there was a link that took us to the most relevant post on his Examiner termination(s)……._________. Yea, I don’t know who to do this. lol

    The next few weeks are going to be very interesting in the Denison Iowa area. If this how he interacts with the listeners of his new employers radio station, he won’t make it a week.

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    • Are these people “his people ” too? Because “his people ” kicked his ass to the curb shortly after he started the long radio job. Hell, he is not even close to the time before he left all those other “journalism ” jobs. Are people just catching on quicker to how repugnant he really is?

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  3. Is he tweeting under the same identity he’ll be using on-air? If so, and if the station announced he was going to join them, well, arguably he’s already representing the station.

    And doing a really, really shitty job of it. I’ve seen people fired for being less of a prick to the public than that.

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  4. Poor guy just can’t quit sticking his teeny d*ck in the punch, can he? If his new employer ‘follows’ “Wideload Bill” on Twitter will he even make it through the first week?

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  5. “… I hope I don’t live to see anything goofy come out of Washington…”

    Since we still have libtards there, goofy stuff comes out on a daily basis.

    Given that, I wholeheartedly agree that you die soon, shitbag. One less societal leech we have to support.

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