KDSN Radio presents Broadway Bill


Starting a new job in Denison, Iowa.

KSDN announced the hiring on the April 4 talk show podcast. It’s at the 14:20 mark.

Here is Broadway Bill:

Even though the call sign is wrong in the first sentence, he provides confirmation in the following tweet.

I wonder if they are aware of his Stage IV Parkinson’s Disease?  Will they provide a place for him to lay down every ten minutes?


37 thoughts on “KDSN Radio presents Broadway Bill

  1. Congrats to the Cabin Boy on his new job…….I guess. Who doesn’t want to work for minimum wage when in the twilight of your life. How will the Social Security Administration take the news of Bill’s exciting new job? They are the government entity that has been paying him monthly disability benefits for the last decade. Benefits that may have been acquired through less than honest means. I hope he is aware that he MUST report the wages that any new employment creates.

    There is a better than a 99.8% chance that this opportunity will turnout exactly like his previous stint in radio. He WILL screw up on air by giving his idiotic political views. He WILL claim he is the victim of a vast right wing conspiracy that resulted in the tires of his LardAss Mobility ScootyPuff (It’s red…..VROOM VROOM……) being damaged. He may even commit perjury again and file a false police report accusing others of crimes they did not commit.

    In all honesty, I hope that Bill will take full advantage of this opportunity. Stay off the blogs that he KNOWS are critical of his past deeds and actions. Don’t engage with those he has filed 8 failed lawsuits against and give himself a chance to succeed. Good luck.

    ps. Everyone check the break room for the gambling boards on the Cabin Boy’s upcoming failure. You could win over $1,000 if you guess the correct date of his termination by KDSN. Get your dates locked-in early as these boards will fill up quickly.

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  2. and look how many nice pics Mr “riding Greyhound will KILL ME!!!11!!” took of his SECOND extended bus ride, after he told a court he couldnt appear because he couldn’t travel without it exacerbating his Parkinsons Fatkinsons state LLXVMC, which, amazingly enough was bad enough for him to have to retire cause he could no longer work YEARS AGO (supposedly) but which apparently no longer does so…

    he’s a roller walking nut shuffling miracle aint he?

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  3. It’s refreshing to know that there are still HR departments out there without access to google.

    I hope the person who brought him in fares better than “Lefty” Ruggiero.

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  4. I hope William took (yet another 14h) bus odyssey rather than driving the Jesus Mobile. I hear the kerbs are murder on your tyres in Iowa.

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  5. Well, well, well it appears that old P. T. Barnum was correct, “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

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  6. I said it would be less than two weeks before my fat old fraud of a brother told everyone the city he was giving up beautiful, scenic Myrtle Beach for to go read soybean futures and funeral notices at minimum wage surrounded by a fresh batch of rubes to piss all over.

    It won’t be long before he’s posted a picture of the corn crib he’s rented from the only liberal farmer in a sixty mile radius.

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    • I think he will rent a stall in the barn across the street from the radio station for its proximity. Remember, he has no Jesus mobile or scooter puff anymore (it was red -Vroom Vroom) And that only if the animals can stand the smell.

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  7. Wait just a minute. He said he ‘retired’ from the NIH because he could no longer talk and do their podcasts. NOW he is going to do a job that requires talking on live radio? Hmmm..seems someone has been lying for years in order to sit on his fat lazy shirking fraudulent ass and collect taxpayer money he had no right to. In my opinion anyway. After all, as Schmalfeldt himself has said over and over again, Parkinson’s never gets better.

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  8. Soon he’ll be a denizen of Denison, where it’s hard to find good venison.

    It will slowly, over the next four weeks, become his town…where they know him…right up until the day he gets fired and proudly slinks back to the beautiful sands of Myrtle with his prehensile tail between his legs, the dancing monkey.

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  9. He is starting on the 12th and is looking for new digs. They just announced it on the station. They said he was “a new announcer”. The station is pure amateur in its delivery.

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  10. Bill will be Meat in a Seat to maintain the station logs and switch between network feeds on the main board. That, and announce the next feed.

    Maybe, just maybe he will be allowed to read the funeral notices live but nothing else…

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  11. I wonder if Bill Schmalfeldt told them he’s been collecting disability for years after claiming he was too sick to actually talk? Wonder if he told him he was recently once again fired from a radio station because he coudn’t keep his fat mouth shut? Somehow I’m doubting he shared those very factual things.

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    • In the podcast, the station owner mentioned that Bill comes from DC. Schmalfeldt hasn’t lived in DC for a few years. He said Bill told him he worked for the government for 20 years.

      There was no mention of his Parkinson’s Disease, and if Bill did share his medical problems, I’m sure he represented it’s not a problem, which is, of course, a lie since he announced to the public a very different health picture.

      Obviously, the manager paraphrased things from the phone interview. It’s possible that Schmalfeldt shared all the facts about the alt-right wing conspiracy he has endured, including how he filed 8 lawsuits and is currently under 3 known restraining orders. Of course, the possibility he shared his true history is about the same as me having a fully intact Chinese Space Station that crashed to earth.

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  12. Judging by the quality of the on-air talent at both sides of the station, the Blimp should just ooze in with much perturbation. He will eventually try to take everything over which, as always, will be his downfall.

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  13. Do they have a call in? I wonder how he would handle it if someone were to call in and quiz him on his statements that he couldn’t do podcasts, ride buses, live on his own, why he wrote about cub scouts being raped, etc. Would make a GREAT segment for very conservative Iowa. I’m sure Bill “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt would welcome the ratings right?

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  14. Why in the hell does this idiotic creature continue to provide much of his personal data where his “enemies” are sure to see it? He should have just QUIETLY move back to Iowa, find a place to live and begin his new job. Insane in the membrane!!!!

    OT: Has the [REACTED] made contact with the ex-fiance yet? Any progress to report?

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    • Because he is addicted to butthurt, and the only way he can be happy is to pursue that constant, chronic asspain.

      The only reason he visits Thinking Man’s Zombie an average of 25 times a week is that he’s dying for me to write about him more than I do.

      But since that’s what he so obviously wants…I don’t. Which makes him more butthurt, but less happy — because he has no control.

      Poor monkey.

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