Life comes at you hard


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student activists are returning to school. Having spent time raising awareness, they are experiencing some not-so-good life lessons.

Lauren Hogg, the sister of activist and opportunist David Hogg, is not a happy person. During her absence, school administrators have put in place “draconian” measures designed to keep students safe.



Students will have new ID’s and are required to wear clear backpacks.  They rightly expressed some skepticism:

Many students, like Robinson, aren’t happy about the new security measures. She pointed out that the gunman, Nikolas Cruz, was not a student of Stoneman Douglas at the time of the shooting, so the new security measures that appear to target students are counterproductive.

“It’s like putting into place all these rules that wouldn’t have changed anything,” Robinson said.

Imagine that.

I’m guessing that all the energy spent on shouting, shaming and vilifying others hasn’t worked out so well.

At least the school system believes they are safer.


10 thoughts on “Life comes at you hard

    • The left paraded these kids around as learned adults. They shared their views on policy. They leveled extreme attacks on the NRA, its members, politicians, and anyone who disagrees with them.

      CNN let them spread their false narratives without so much as a challenge. And when challenged on social media, they retreat to victim status claiming they are “just children”. They use that shield to influence corporations who advertise on opposing political cable shows.

      While they complain that politicians are slow to embrace change, the school administration wasted no time instituting new security measures without student input. Will they use the same tactics to force the administration to rescind the new measures and restore their rights?

      I’m wouldn’t unleash a Nelson Muntz “Ha Ha”, but I don’t mind saying, “Didn’t think that out very well, did you?”

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      • We don’t actually allow traumatized minors to make safety policy. In adolescent criminal justice (my last job) we were reminded that teenager’s brains have not fully developed, and therefore, punishment must be reduced as compared to adults. We were also reminded to collect all the pencils at the end of class.

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      • For thee, not for me. A political version of NIMBY! They have sown the wind and begin to reap the whirlwind. Once you mount tiger it is very hard to make a safe dismount! These children don’t even know these perfectly normal cliches that have a very real context in the real world because they have never had to deal with the real world. Hope they learn something: When you ask the government to do something for you, you will never get the results intended. The good old rule on UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES!

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  1. So innocent students are being impacted for the action of one person who wasn’t even a student and they are bitching about it. All the while they were marching around screaming about millions of innocent people heaving “blood on their hands” because of the actions of one person that wasn’t even a member of that organization. Huh. It’s almost as if children act childishly.

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    • Childishly will usually mean ignorantly and with an often unwarranted faith in their own infallibility! Too bad they don’t know how to see possible consequences, something they should have been taught by their parents and had reinforced by their teachers.

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    • EXACTLY!!
      it sure sucks to have your civil rights taken from you for some bullshit “feel good security measures” that wont do dick just because someone somewhere else did something bad, don’t it??

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