Uh huh.


It would seem that some people think they can have it both ways.

Youth opportunist extraordinaire David Hogg decided to go after Laura Ingraham for a retweet of an article where Hogg was turned down by UCLA.

Hogg is setting himself up for failure in a major way.

So he wants an apology from Fox News because he doesn’t like what they say about him and his cause, even though he goes on other networks and routinely makes false statements, slanders innocent people, and is degrading to those opposite his leftist views.

I don’t know whether this quite falls into Schmalfeldt territory, but he put himself into the spotlight and continues to sling mud, yet gets upset when it comes back twice as hard. This is what happens when you put on the big boy pants in the big world of adults.

Advertisers are dropping Ingraham’s show because they incorrectly see this as an attack on a child.  I’m not sure that what Ingraham did was all that bad, but she at least apologized for behavior that is WELL below the childish nonsense Hogg has been spouting.

When he turns 18, which is probably not far away, his life will become very different.  He should be glad he will have some of those rights as an 18 year old because his ideology says he won’t be responsible until he’s 21 and shouldn’t have them.  Will he hide behind “I’m a child!” when faced with even more real life experiences?

But, you know, the adults on the left and at CNN, MSNBC, and the leftist media, including Hogg’s parents let him get away with it. The wall is fast approaching, bub.

11 thoughts on “Uh huh.

  1. Personally I’m pretty sick of the lot of them running around screaming that we need to do what they say because they are children then betting all butthurt when people disagree and hide behind the fact they are children.
    Reminds me of a certain valor stealing douche canoe that can travel all over the place until he’s faced with court then it’s all Muh Parkyson’s is acting up.

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  2. On my Facebook (I have people of all ideologies there) I merely asked how close to the actual shooting those “survivors” that appear most on TV were. The response from the Left was funny. “HOW DARE YOU!?!?!?!?!???” The obvious fact that these “young people” really are children in the larger meaning seems to evade their supporters. They are ignorant (and demonstrate it a lot), arrogant, nasty, and demanding. I doubt if the long term result will be what those pushing the kids forward wanted.
    At least 6-7 people on my FB said they were joining the NRA after seeing these brats.

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