Um, yeah.



“Mike the Marine” doesn’t want you to have an AR-15 because it is specifically designed to kill as many people as possible.

Mike has chosen to step into the spotlight and share his views. I’m not one to criticize fellow veterans who speak to policy, but sometimes you have to wonder if he is really being effective when he shares views that are devoid of facts.

In one example, he says that these weapons, in reference to “assault-style rifles” are meant to kill people and not for hunting. He then says other rifles are specifically designed for hunting.  Apparently, he has never hunted, nor really been around other guns despite wearing the camouflage hunters hat in the video.

Later, he referenced the Fort Hood shooting.  Nidal Hasan used two semi-automatic pistols. Semi-automatic pistols are just as deadly, but he seems focused on the AR-15.

But his argument against home defense was an eyeroll moment, claiming that in such close quarters, an AR-15 would not be effective.  In reality, it is more effective than he realizes.

And I’m not even going to address the non-sequitur liberal talking point about muskets.

However, I do admire that he talks candidly about his PTSD, and in doing so makes the case for extreme restraining orders rather than a Second Amendment review.  In the cases of both Fort Hood and Parkland shootings, it was a failure of the officials to act to prevent the tragedy, and not because civilians shouldn’t own guns.

In the end though, he loses all credibility when he refers to rifles as “high capacity.”  I had asked this question once on twitter, and one person replied with a picture of 30 round magazine.  *sigh*

F’n liberals.

Anyway,  thank you for your service, Mike, and Godspeed.

15 thoughts on “Um, yeah.

  1. I have no problem barring anyone who wants to disarm me from owning weapons. They’ve demonstrated they don’t comprehend the concept of a free society and are not fully adult, regardless of their service or education.

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  2. Funny this leftie says nothing about the Mosin Nagant rifle which is far more lethal than an AR. It can blow a hole through a cement wall. The 7.62 x 54R round can travel a mile. And yet no discussion about banning the Mosin Nagant rifles.

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  3. With all due respect to Mike and my family members and friends who have served, the 2nd amendment exists so that someone can put a bullet in the skull of the marine who follows illegal orders to deny liberty against an American citizen, followed up by a bullet for the politicians who gave the orders.

    There’s a better case for .223 and larger weapons being protected by the 2nd than plinkers.

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  4. I actually rather admired the mayor of New Haven when he was trying to go after archery equipment as well as guns. At least he was being logical and going after more potential long range offensive/defensive weapons than the usual gun grabber, although I hadn’t heard about any particular problems with drive by bow-and-arrowings.

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  5. Despite my recent misdirected posts, I can’t help myself but posting again…

    9yo shoots 12yo sister in the head over access to a video game controller:

    “Monroe County is in north-east Mississippi.”

    As an Aussie with fewer conservative leanings than what I beleive is the norm for this site, I strongly don’t like what I see (grief, sorrow and frustration are closer to the mark), but people here always shout me down, so, fire away if you wish.


    • You haven’t said anything worth rebutting. “Muh feelz” isn’t really a cogent argument.

      On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 2:52 AM Sonoran Conservative wrote:

      > recherche commented: “Despite my recent misdirected posts, I can’t help > myself but posting again… 9yo shoots 12yo sister in the head over access > to a video game controller: > > ” >

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      • If there wasn’t a gun nearby, would it have been better for if she had stabbed him to death with a knife? Beaten him to death with a cricket bat? Strangled him with a rope? I see an individual so disturbed she would have used whatever was at hand . The problem here wasn’t the gun; the problem was that little Billy was a fucking psycho and hadn’t had basic human values instilled in him.

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        • Yeah, and a 9yo boy is so much stronger than a 12yo girl, that he can
          wield these other devices, and still get an item LODGED IN THE BRAIN.

          Also, please build a “psycho detector” that is reliable and that all of
          society is agreeable to using, patent it, and make a mint selling it
          worldwide. Unfortunately, existing “psycho detectors” have miserable
          false positive/false negative rates, so the level of misjustice in society
          would rise significantly.

          The law treats minors as not sufficiently cognisant of the subtleties of
          wider societies, that there is a separate set of rules for minors regarding
          crime than there is for adults. Adults are supposed to be capable of
          better planning ahead, and also have sufficient empathy to relate to
          others in society. The lack of this in adults leads to severely disturbed

          A 9yo is not expected to have impeccable impulse control at a family
          level, let alone a society level. Religion can lay down some rules, e.g.
          “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you”, schooling can
          teach kids some more sophisticated levels of understanding how
          society works, and how to operate well in that environment. Also,
          the attitude and values of parents trickle down to the kids; if these are
          defective, it can sometimes show up in various ways — most notoriously,
          where an adult’s pathalogical behaviour includes abuse during

          Squabbles between children over posession over the game controller
          are common all over the “civilised” world; using a gun as the next step
          is not common in most countries; a societly where there is a
          proliferation of guns will be extraordinary if the level of secure storage
          is extremely high, such that gun access to non-intended parties is
          near-impossible to attain.


        • You’re going all over the place. This is not a gun problem. In this case, it’s a parental supervision problem. This isn’t that difficult to figure out. Changing the gun laws doesn’t mean that kid couldn’t have harmed or killed his sister in a different way; it would still be the same problem, just by different means. It’s tragic, but doesn’t require a lot of IQ points to figure out.. or maybe it does.

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        • It’s not common anywhere. It’s newsworthy because of that.

          Same with school shootings.

          You know what murders infrequently make the news due to their lack of notoriety? Urban gangland killings. You know what kind of killings make up a large percentage of those “youth killed by firearm” stats? The same.

          I live in a part of the country being destroyed by heroin. Don’t have a lot of shootings or muggings. Wonder if constitutional carry helps with that. It certainly hasn’t led to dueling and shootouts in the street.

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    • Can you explain to me why it is that Australians (and Canadians by the way) seem to be all informed about tragic shootings in the US but uninformed about such in their own country? Seriously, you think that tragedies like the one link don’t occur in your country? It took me ten seconds to find this:

      It has reached the point where I find myself in great frustration over the faux superiority that seems to be founded on great ignorance.

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