I don’t care about the Stormy Daniels story.


The leftist media has been overly obsessing with the story first reported by the Wall Street Journal that Stormy Daniels had a story to tell, but was paid hush money in October 2016.

The line of thinking here is that money paid to Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, somehow violates Federal Election laws and is a felony.  Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, is said to have worked a deal where Clifford was paid $130,000 for her silence.  Cohen claims the funds were paid by him and not from Trump’s campaign.

Despite not gaining any traction for several months, suddenly the liberal media has taken a renewed interested in this story in the hopes that where there is smoke, there is a felony.  And if there is a felony,  it will force Trump to admit the affair, and then ultimately resign from office.

So far, there is nothing to prove that neither they payout nor the agreement were illegal. Clifford says that because Trump didn’t sign the non-disclosure agreement, she is free to tell her story, until it was revealed that she lost an arbitration hearing over the agreement.

Obviously, in this politically charged environment, Clifford is seeing an opportunity to capitalize on her story.  Seems like the exposure has been helpful in filling her wallet.

If what she says did happen, and I’m not saying it didn’t, it was completely consensual and she was a more than willing participant. How does this become a story that would take down a president over a decade old fling when it’s pretty well known that wealthy millionaires and billionaires are not exactly puritans at heart?  Besides, Trump’s campaign for President began almost a decade later.

The Access Hollywood tape was quite damning in of itself and yet, it failed to translate into a Hillary victory.  Trump’s past peccadillo’s don’t seem to matter to people who are tired of being fleeced by politicians.  His record on delivering his promises and getting results is not a story that works with the media narrative since their candidate didn’t win.

It also doesn’t seem to matter to people who also say that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin had classified information on their personal computer systems and those violations are much more egregious crimes than a non-proven allegation that Trump paid hush money from his campaign.

In order to get to the truth, though, the media wants to hear her side of the story. A court may have a different take on her interpretation of the deal since she still has the money from the agreement.  And even if she did tell her story, again, that is really immaterial to the actual part where Trump or Cohen has committed any crime.

It may also be true that the media is trying to get to Melania.  In every article written about the affair, it is stated it happened during Melania’s pregnancy of Baron, the President’s youngest son.  The idea here is to enhance the outrage in the hopes that the morality of the President is so low, the First Lady may decide she has been embarrassed enough and leave Trump.

This also makes it easier for the leftist media to press the GOP and pit them against their moral values of supporting a man who had an affair on his pregnant wife.  If the leftist media can drive a wedge between the GOP and Trump, it would be quite helpful to Democrats in upcoming elections.  Interesting that this matters right now than it did for Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

Of course, how does an affair that happened more than decade ago with an individual who has changed her story, has a past criminal record, and now wants to profit from this, make inroads on the left’s plan to get rid of Trump?  Probably about as much as the prostitute in Thailand that has info about Russian collusion.

5 thoughts on “I don’t care about the Stormy Daniels story.

  1. This is what happen when they begin to realize that Bob Mueller is not going to give them the deliverance they so desperately seek. Russia fizzles out? OMG!!!! IT’S A PORN STAR!!!

    it’s pathological. Further, Ben Shapiro has a great analogy about Trump stories in general that goes like this: Trump is a mud monster. There’s a significant amount of character flaw and misbehavior that are well known and thus already baked into the cake. So, when you sling mud at Trump, even if you hit him it doesn’t matter because he’s made of mud. You can’t even see the stains. In contrast someone like Romney gets wrecked over a dog on the roof story or the perversion of his “binders of women” comment. He’s squeaky clean, so the smallest blot on him stands out.

    I’ll submit that Hillary’s a mud monster too.

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  2. “The Access Hollywood tape was quite damning in of itself”

    How so? Is Trump not to comment on the way some women will throw themselves at fame and money?

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  3. I think it’s rich indeed that the democrats think the American public should get all addlepated over the rumor of an affair conducted a decade before Trump even ran for office and that it should result in his resignation somehow when the Democrats had NO PROBLEM with the then sitting president Clinton having an affair, while ACTUALLY in office in the 90s……

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