This whole “Results Oriented” President


News came today that the South Korean government received a letter from North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un, requesting a meeting with President Trump to talk about steps to denuclearize the Peninsula.

A face to face meeting with a dangerous foreign leader who wants to talk peace with the President.

It is true that Kim is not to be trusted. I certainly wouldn’t. He has broken agreements with previous administrations, but this will be the first time any president will meet with the brutal dictator and discuss peace.

Funny how it was just a couple of months ago, the liberals were trying to get Trump thrown off Twitter because he might be trying to start nuclear war with Jong-un.

Unsurprisingly, the Democrats are not happy about the possibility Trump may actually get a good deal in the end. In fact, the acolytes of the previous administration are now running to the nearest liberal leaning media show saying Trump will fail.

Let me see if I understand this:  The Obama administration spent an enormous amount of money and energy doing research, consulting with intelligence and working with partner nations to get ready for talks, and ultimately, failed.

And your comment is that Trump, who should have been impeached, and his tax reform legislation should be causing tens of thousands of deaths, is doing it wrong?


I get that the two greatest foreign policy achievements under Obama were the killing of Osama Bin Laden (which took almost a year to get White House approval) and paying off the Iranians with billions of dollars in cash on pallets while Iran continued to harass the US Navy and keep their nuclear weapons program.

Obama’s real results were rooted in the many official White House photographs of him playing with children and pimp posing in front of mirrors to the squealing liberals who often commented, “Oh my God! He’s so cool!” And when non-believers were asking when the prosperity and jobs were coming, liberals go to response was, “It’s the GOP and the Koch brothers fault!”

While Obama was boasting about using strength to eradicate ISIS in Syria and Northern Iraq, the terrorist group managed to grab lots of territory and laughed in the face of the US and its regional allies. Their brazen display included public acts of atrocity for all the world to see, almost daring the US to come in and kick their ass.  Europe was more than eager to take in millions of refugees from the war torn region on the false humane narrative, only to experience their women raped, increases in crime in migrant areas and declarations by locals as “NO GO” zones.

Trump becomes President, with the help of the Russians (um.. yeah), immediately unshackles the military with new policy directives with the intent on following through with his campaign promise to eradicate ISIS.  Within a year, ISIS is on the run, its Caliphate down to just a few kilometers of rubble and sand, and US troops delivering Hope and Change to the gratitude of Iraqi’s and Syrians in the region.

During this time, he implemented a ban on countries supporting terrorists.

Campaign promises kept, check those MAGA boxes.

He announced that the US Embassy in Israel would move to Jerusalem.  Another MAGA box checked.

Tax cuts to Americans.  Another MAGA box checked.

Bring back jobs and improve the economy, which includes a stock market boom.  More MAGA boxes checked.

And this week:  Protect American industry from unfair trade practices and implement trade tariffs. MAGA Box checked.

Or as some might say – Winning.  Seems like a lot of Americans are winning and show no signs of wanting it to stop.

Interesting how a man who is ill-equipped to be President, has the worst west wing stability ever and is constantly bleeding people, and used Russian help to beat the greatest candidate for US President EVAH, is even functioning.

So is it any wonder that the media, which touted the coming of a “blue wave” just a few months ago, are shifting to such things as security clearances and hush deals with porn stars who can’t keep their stories straight?

I think I know.


All the boxes in green are Trump’s approval ratings in the state, and the Republican candidate, with the exception of Ohio, are in the lead.  While stronghold Democrats are not in danger, the real problem is that Democrats are trying to spin everything as bad.

The DNC chairman, Tom Perez,  recently “erred” in reporting January 2018 fundraising numbers, falsely claiming it was the best January ever, when in fact, it was half a million dollars short of the real record – January 2012.  Of course, the report came two months late, but I’m guessing they were double counting to see if they got all the January money.  Republicans, on the other hand, have been raising quite a bit more.

Some smart person at the GOP should be making the video team work overtime cranking out ads.  There is more than enough material to put together several one minute commercials showing how much better things have been against the failed promises of the Democrats.

Throw in a few angry DACA kids, video and statements from prominent Democrats supporting racist Louis Farrakhan, and pics of liberals snuggling sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and disgraced Al Franken receiving hugs from #MeToo Democrats after his resignation speech, and you’ll have a viral video that will make even the Russian bots envious.

4 thoughts on “This whole “Results Oriented” President

  1. “Obama’s real results were rooted in the many official White House photographs of him playing with children… ”

    Those were pictures of his cabinet meetings.

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  2. Liberalism is a mental disorder, period.

    I have never seen a group of people so adamant about the country failing unless they are the ones calking the shots.

    Oh wait, yes I have! Because history has many examples of fascism disguised as “virtue”.

    Seriously, why can everyone who wants the government to tell you how to run every facet of your life just move to California already and be done with it. At least then we know where the nuts are and it makes it easier to let them live their dream at the expense of no one but themselves once we boot them from the union.

    Hell I’ll even may for Mr. Fakinsons bus ticket there if it meant California left the union and he lost US citizenship.

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  3. Always remember that our domestic enemies do not fear any failure on the part of President Trump, not even if such failure led to massive casualties. No, they fear even the least success by him.

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