If you start a new podcast.. during the day…

.. does that mean the job thing didn’t work out?

Asking for a friend..


8 thoughts on “Question..

  1. Considering his history, he could be doing the podcast from his job. Which must really be confusing to whoever is on the other side of the stall’s wall.

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    • and when was the last time anyone heard from the Inflata-skank ??

      guess Bill finally gave up the illusion that anyone, who wasn’t being paid or forced would ever spend time with him.

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      • Maybe when Sis kicked Bill to the curb the Inflate-A-Boy figured a roof over his head was better then sticking with a loser grifting his way across the country. Maybe a life spent living in flophouses and working the truck stops wasn’t as appealing as Bill thought it would be.

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