The New Mexico grifter has returned to Twitter!

And none too soon!  In his first act, he’s patrolling the #Resistance for.. uh.. um.. false memes..

The false meme is still up.  It’s painfully obvious the #Resistance has fallen on really hard times during his absence.

I’m certain that when he gets to the next 10 minute cycle of work, he’ll address even more failures of his fellow warriors.


11 thoughts on “OMG! HE’S BACK!!

  1. I want to say “oh, my god. is he so bereft of living life that he exists merely to troll everyone on everything everywhere?”
    then I think – “yes. this man has no life.”

    I don’t understand why he continues to pick fights with you, Misters Hoge, Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, and others. Many a time people have left him utterly alone – and he always comes back with one dumb-ass thing, or another. He claims he’ll walk away, but he never does. Is he seriously so incredibly lonely that his only social activities are to troll people on the ‘net?
    These imagined crimes that he accuses you gentle people of is ridiculous. Why can’t the law do something physical about him being a waste of biomass? Isn’t there a single judge that can throw the book at him and actually mean it?

    To you, and all the other fine folk he’s harassed, stalked, and greatly annoyed – I take my hat off. Pretty certain I’d go after him with a flamethrower, and a bazooka.
    Or is that a waste of ammo?

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  2. I honestly think if someone on a Tuesday said to him “If you stay off the internet for 10 days I’ll give you 10 million dollars, but if you go on even once you’ll die” we would be reading his obituary by the weekend.

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