College isn’t the same anymore.


Man, have they changed over the years.

Christina Sommers, a liberal feminist of the original mold, is being shut down because she stands on the side that real facts and openness should drive policy.  Her big sin?  Arguing with the snowflakes about their adoption of false narratives like rape culture on campus.  And with that, she’s labeled a fascist.

But, over at UCLA, the former Army specialist and Maryland Senate Candidate Bradley Manning, who was convicted of espionage, is delivering a speech about.. ethics.


Are there any adults with any common sense at these institutions of higher learning in charge?


I’m gonna go with..


4 thoughts on “College isn’t the same anymore.

  1. It is always psychological projection when the left accuses everyone on the right of being anything (since they have nothing good to say about the right.) They are the fascists, but to soothe their consciences they accuse anyone to their right (even other leftists who aren’t as far left) of being fascists. So I would ignore their theories and look at the reality: they think being socialists means they are not fascists, but even the fascists are socialists, just at a slightly different level of government interference in the daily lives of citizens. And the communists and fascists have always hated each other because they consider the other group to be heretical. That’s why Red China and the USSR didn’t get along so well for decades — heretics need to be removed! — BJ54

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  2. when they cant refute the argument using logic, reason and facts, then their only recourse is to shut down the person making the argument…

    its what they do.

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  3. People need to do as I do in this. Don’t hire anyone with a college education under the age of 35 (add a year per annum going forward). The cure for America’s snowflake problem is to cull them from access to power, authority, and/or prosperity.

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