It’s OK when the Democrats exploit children.


The Parkland, Florida shooting has energized the Democrats in ways that seek upset the balance of power in their favor.

During the period of mourning, and when families were still burying their children and friends, a couple of students attended anti-gun rallies organized by the left in an effort to push their narratives by using the fresh faces of new victims.

Except, these victims were high school students; young white suburban kids who have never experienced such a tragedy, but were still emotionally raw and untamed.

And sadly, the parents of these kids are complicit in this travesty.

Rewind the clock.  Under President Obama, mass shootings generated the same vitriol towards the GOP and the NRA, and in each case, Obama responded with more executive orders that were impotent. And still, the new memorandums were touted as ways to help reduce and prevent future shootings.  He did “something.” Cue the parades.

However, Obama and the left often lamented that the GOP has too much power and often wished he had the authority to do more, even though his own orders would not have prevented any of the mass shootings that occurred under his watch.

This time, however, the Democrats see a new opportunity to change the game. For the three activist students who are being paraded around as heroes, including a student who wants to become an activist journalist, the Democrats see what they believe as a means to enfranchise a potential voting block – all because of a shooting that killed fourteen kids and three adults.

And why not? The media has become enamored with these kids, booking them on multiple shows, showcasing their grief, allowing them to slander and make false statements meant precisely to put shame on the GOP and the NRA so as to reduce their power to protect your constitutional rights.

Yet, some kids who experienced the same shooting have different views and are being ignored, despite their voices needing to be part of the national conversations. After all, not all kids share the same damaging liberal views.

Even so, the hosts of these media shows often fail push the issue that their local governments are the ones who failed them, and allows the kids to deflect, excuse and then continue to make false claims.

They are not doing these kids any favors by allowing them free reign to impugn others and ignore the truth simply because they were in a tragedy. Good parenting should have prevented them from being exploited this way, but common sense is not something the left is known for.

Some of the liberal pundits, read “blue check mark” types, have shared, often in glowing commentary,  just how well these hurting kids are able to elucidate liberal talking points with such powerful emotion.  Who wouldn’t be affected by the message from these kids?

And because of this, they have come to the inescapable conclusion that we need to let these kids vote.  This is the hidden, but real agenda of the Democrats:  Harvesting willing voters to the Democrat cause.

Ross Douthat makes the argument in the NY Times, attempting to turn a theory for countries with declining fertility rates into a prospect for adding more Democrat votes.  His proposal is that once kids reach a certain age, parents become a proxy for their votes.

Part of his rationale has to do with demographics that liberals could effectively exploit voting eligible teens in single mother families, who tend to vote more democratic.  For those families where parents share custody, the votes could be split off, giving a father or a mother more power at the polls.

Uh huh. What could possible go wrong?

The whole point here is to figure out ways for Democrats to exploit the potential teen vote while the fire is hot. And why not?  All the Democrats care about is getting more votes and the only shame is that they just don’t come out and say it.

Ironically, they would gladly extend the franchise to a sixteen year old kid while simultaneously blocking those kids Second Amendment rights and certainly not allowing them to serve in the military. In some states, they couldn’t even get a driver’s license.

It’s disgusting to think that Democrats want to give kids the right to vote based on the emotions of these hurting teenagers, all for the sake of gaining power. And yet, this is exactly what they are doing.  Unsurprisingly, they are using the same playbook they’ve employed throughout their history – make a group disenfranchised and exploit them for political gain.

After all, they really DO care about the kids, and now their votes.



4 thoughts on “It’s OK when the Democrats exploit children.

  1. I dont know if I’d want someone so ill educated that they think a spokesperson for a group somehow controls the entirety of congress, OR that the president completely controls congress, to be casting a vote for anything…
    I also dont think someone who would make excuses for cowards who refused to do the job they were being paid for and instead blame someone who wasnt even on the property for the deaths at a school shooting should be doing anything other than dealing with their grief at this time, but instead they are perfectly happy to use the deaths of their fellow class members to demand law abiding citizens be stripped of a constitutional protected right…

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