Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


Sometimes, you’re like what the…

Wait .. what?

Now it’s clear. She’s using Prohibition as an example of how we can amend the Constitution and get rid of bad amendments.

Let’s see, the 18th Amendment, Prohibition, was the first “social justice” experiment in having the Constitution amended on the irrational belief that the production and sale of alcohol was a detriment to an orderly society.  Turns out, giving the Federal Government the power to take something away from the people didn’t quite work out so well, so they had to get rid of it in the 21st Amendment.

The Second Amendment is an individual right. It was part of the first 10 Amendments designed to protect individuals from the power of the Government.  If the Founders had not given assurances to the states that they would include a Bill of Rights, the Constitution might not have been passed.  Interestingly, the right to bear arms ended up as the second amendment.  Wonder why?

While its easy to suggest that we have experience in repealing the 18th Amendment, she apparently didn’t understand why it happened. If anything, it goes completely against her argument.  Repealing the Second Amendment would take away a fundamental right. Wonder how that might turn out?


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