Dumbass Tweet O’ Day


This is CNN.

In the listening session today at the White House, President Trump heard from a number of citizens affected by school shootings.  And while there were a lot of ideas expressed, CNN’s “journalists” offered these takes:

Not to let someone else hog the Top Dumbass designation, Brian Stetler hurdled his colleague:

I don’t know about anyone else, but almost every fellow NRA member and Second Amendment person I know is sick about school shootings and thinks that arming teachers has become a sad reality of our culture, mostly in response to left wing irresponsibility.

And yet, the media organization that wins the “Fake News” designation literally every week is letting its partisanship out in full view.

It’s probably true that Trump’s listening session will be quite different than what will happen at CNN’s Town Hall.  Interestingly, some of the more vocal Parkland school victims chose not to accept Trump’s invitation to speak.

Wonder why?



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