Liberals aren’t interested in solving problems, Part II.


It looks like the FBI is broken.


Yesterday, I posted about how liberals aren’t interested in solving problems in response to their reactions from the horrific shootings in Florida.

And yet, just like during the Obama years, the system which should have prevented this tragedy, is still broken. Just exactly how would adding more restrictions to gun ownership fix the system?

Liberals are screaming without facts. Yes, innocent kids should not expect to die at school.  There are laws and processes in place that should have stopped Cruz from killing people.  It failed.  The gun laws didn’t.

If anything, this should be another shining example of how government cannot solve problems simply by passing laws and creating regulations.  It cannot keep you from being poor.  It cannot keep you from making stupid mistakes. And it cannot prevent broken individuals from taking innocent lives, especially when the processes that are put into place to help prevent tragedies, fail.

But, you know, this is all the NRA, the GOP and Trump supporter’s fault because, as former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly so stupidly said, the NRA lobby is too powerful.

Uh huh.


7 thoughts on “Liberals aren’t interested in solving problems, Part II.

  1. It’s not about saving even one child’s life…

    It’s about power and control.

    They believe that implementing their agenda will not be possible with over half the population armed.

    They are correct.

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  2. I tell my students that the trouble with American policy efforts (I don’t really know about other nations but assume this is a human failure) is that 1) we think if we name or label a problem we understand it, and 2) if we pass a law we will fix it.

    On top of that I am a real cynic and suspect that at least some people pushing gun control laws *want* more school shootings and student deaths precisely so they can push their confiscation dreams.

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