Why is it a secret?


He arrived. But he doesn’t want us to know where.

Why is it a big secret?

I know why.

He doesn’t want the truth to follow him.

You see, Schmalfeldt has been a bad boy.  Over the last several years, he’s harassed and sued people to get them to shut up. He doesn’t like it when people talk about him and his failed antics. And why not?  I’m sure embarrassment is huge factor.

When it became clear the lastest LOLSuit VIII was about to be dismissed, because EVERYONE knew why it would fail, Schmalfeldt decided to go into hiding.  His tail between his legs once again as he was bested by his nemesis John Hoge, Paul Krendler, Sarah Palmer and Eric Johnson, Schmalfeldt fired off one last desperate volley of how he had won.

Did he win? Of course not. It was the same kind of tired ploy he shared with all sixty of his twitter bot followers in an attempt to set the public narrative that, even though HE is the victim of a contrived alt-right conspiracy, he could still hold his head high.

Except he has a problem: The people who have been dealing with his nonsense over the years are not quite finished with him.  The internet war he started in defense of his excellent friend Brett Kimberlin has been nothing short of hilarious and utter failure.  However, he is of the mistaken belief that he can just walk away on his own terms.  And he knows it.

Of course, the other aspect of this is that he believes he has an opportunity to get something from this. There is speculation that he may be attempting to solve a “jurisdiction” problem to make an example out of me.  Here is part of a comment he made that sits in moderation:

If you have learned nothing else from me, you should know by now that I am not going to lay here and take it. I will pick one person and make an example out of that person. You cannot lie about me with impunity.

In other words, I’m going to be made an example if I don’t change my ways and as a warning to others.. or something.


I’m not exactly sure who has been made an example of where he ends up on top. In fact, in what I have read and seen, here is a summary of when he’s trying to make an example of someone:

  • Case Dismissed.
  • You’re Fired.
  • We no longer want to associate with you.
  • Restraining Order/Peace Order GRANTED.

Even when he was working for Kimberlin, he ruined the communications department internet reputation, essentially causing the propaganda websites to not show up in major rankings for .. well, anything.

Other than harass Lee Stranahan and his family in a very disgusting way, he’s made an example of no one except himself.  He tried to take on Ken White, was summarily punted into the next dimension. Stacy McCain made quick work of him like a buzz saw.  Even Karoli, a sympathetic ally in the progressive world, wants nothing to do with him.

So back to the question:  Why is his new location a secret? I’m guessing he’s going to attempt another brilliant ploy and he can’t wait to spring it on his enemies, because THIS TIME, HE’S GOT US!


Or maybe he’s just skeered the locals may receive information about him before he has a chance to lie to them set the record straight about his past.

26 thoughts on “Why is it a secret?

  1. Someone traveling across the country to “make an example of you”?

    He’s trying to up his restraining order count, isn’t he?

    Besides, I thought the Parkinson’ Faker was going to take my house last I heard.

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  2. Fail Whale Billy says “You cannot lie about me with impunity

    apparently he thinks only HE has the right to do that to others, along with lying about most everything he says….

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    • That’s my guess. A quick google street map search showed an 80% street match with a street within parkinsons faking walking distance from the bus station. It also fits the timeline (not giving more details so the Parkinson’s faking monkey is not educated) and bus schedules that transit Amarillo.

      But I don’t have full weaponized autism, so YMMV.

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      • kch on another blog confirmed what I found. Per the other blog:

        “Photo taken in Albuquerque, 500 block of Lead Ave SE, looking west.”

        The only question now is: Was he waddling from the bus station to the Knights Inn, Days Inn, or EconoLodge?

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  3. It is of zero interest to anyone where he parks his soon to be carcass and yet he has made a huge deal of dropping clues that would lead people to believe he is in one particular place. This reminds me of when he went into painful detail about how he would NOT be appearing at one of his many many restraining order hearings, leading many to predict that he would, which he did. (It led to further humiliation for him because of course it did).

    So it’s quite likely that at some point he will drop his LATEST doomed to fail failure and reveal that, ta-DUH!!!, he was actually in Albuquerque all along!!! And when everybody goes “Woah! Who cares!” he will ignore it in favor of Shot Caller Bill– “I sense a lot of nervousness among the lickspittles! My clever subterfuge has bamboozled them!”

    He never gets tired of losing. Even when he gets those occasional flashes of reality they are soon replaced by his belief that he is the Secret King. He will make a brief but hilarious chapter in the next book about Brett Kimberlin, with a final paragraph that begins “After complaints from neighbors about the smell, police discovered…”

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  4. I have to say this was not as entertaining as HWNDU Capture The Flag but still good fun nonetheless!!

    (Google that… tl;Dr from sun position, star positions and con trails of overhead aircraft as the only reference points, 4chan found Shia Lebeuff’s HWNDU flag in less than 36 hours. That game of capture the flag made the phrase “weaponized autism” a meme)

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      • True, but to get even that close was amazing, far more amazing than me using the shadows of the cars in the PIC to determine it was taken after 8:10am which is when the bus to flagstaff would have left Albuquerque. 🙂

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