When the law doesn’t matter


Apparently, if you’re a bleeding heart liberal, it’s OK to not do your job if you believe you have a moral conscience.

Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts, who sorta looks like burgeoning Bill Schmalfeldt wanna be, decided to quit his government job with the Montana Department of Labor when he was asked to help process LAWFUL government subpoenas for ICE.

Even though he had processed applications in his job that resulted in captures and deportations before, his awakening liberal bleeding heart had been overcome with emotional feelings .  He believes that doing his job in a lawful manner meant he could no longer look his daughter in the eyes.

There are plenty of other father’s out there who are unable to look at their sons and daughters, much less their eyes, because they were killed by the same type of people he believes he’s protecting.

There are others who have family members where they have to look into the broken eyes of young daughters and sons who have been assaulted and raped by these same illegal immigrants, some of the victims being almost as young as his daughter.

And for whatever reason, as he made what he considers a moral choice, he asked others to help fund his departure while he looks for a more compassionate job.  In other words, he made himself a victim and called out others to fund his bad choices.  Wonder who that sounds like?



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