So this happened (Updated) ..


No seriously..

This comment was left in moderation.

Dear Marvin,
It seems the only time you ever get comments on this blog is when you write about me.

No need to thank me.

But you do realize, right, that claiming someone is faking a disease — not stating it as an opinion, but as a matter of fact like you do — is textbook libel, right?

I just want to make sure you are completely aware of this fact as you move forward.

Please share your medical credentials so that they can be compared against the certified specialists with experience in diagnosing and treating Parkinson’s disease. That will be very important in your defense, should this defamation continue.

Please share with your readers the number of times you have personally examined me, and what skill (other than your misunderstanding of the condition) you bring to bear to make such an inflammatory claim. You will need that.

Or, you can do the wise thing and simply admit you have no idea what you are talking about.

Do your customers at MJROD Consulting know you are engaging in such wild and false speculations based only on your uninformed opinions?

Once again, I wholeheartedly expect (and demand) that you join Friar Fraud (Paul Lemmen — look him up to see what a reliable witness he will make) and report me to the OPM and Social Security. Then, be ready to defend your accusations.

For the record, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease on January 31, 2000. The diagnosis was made in the National Parkinson Foundation clinic in Miami, Florida by the late Dr. William Koller. (Look him up.) I was a participant in a clinical trial to see if deep brain stimulation would be helpful in slowing the progression of the disease. Part of the procedure involved advancing listening probes into the sub thalamic nuclei to find the misfiring neurons that go along with the disease. Please explain in your defense how you theorize my ability to “fake” the misfiring of the neurons. And what is your understanding of the reasons the Federal Government decided to offer me early disability retirement? How did I manage to “fake” my way through that process? And please explain why a person would give up a job that paid on the doorstep of six-figures a year to accept a pension that barely surpasses $30,000.

Then, explain why the people who treat Parkinson’s advise exercise as part of their long-term treatment of the disease. I admit, I did not do things I could have done for myself when Gail was well. But when I lost her, I had to fend for myself. The more I engaged in the world and did the things I needed to do, the stronger I got.
Explain what you believe to be the reasons I gave up driving in 2009. Was it because I could NOT drive? Or was it because I noticed the impairment in reaction time and decided, as long as my wife was able to do the driving, that it was best to allow her to do so?

You make false, defamatory claims in your blogging, Marvin. I put you to your proof. Please be prepared to state the evidence you have gathered over the years in your position as a business consultant that gives you the chops to make determinations about whether or not a person suffers from a progressive neurological disorder. Be prepared to explain why I could supposedly fool top level neurologists, human resources personnel and experts in their field, but I couldn’t fool a kennel cleaner like Scott Hinckley, a failed financial advisor like Patrick Grady, a fading government contractor like WJJ Hoge III, or a business consultant like you.

If this comment does not make it through moderation, I will assume that I have asked questions that you choose not to answer. But I will keep a copy of my comment to use against you in a defamation suit should I decide to pursue that course.

First things first..




Now that I got that out of my system,  let me explain something.

Yes, it is my opinion you are faking your Parkinson’s Disease.  I don’t know that you have been diagnosed or not. I’m not a medical doctor and certainly not a neurologist.

And neither are you.

You are just a patient, expressing symptoms that doctors may take as fact to determine a diagnosis and form a treatment.  However, I do believe you wrote in your book while undergoing DBS, you mention that one doctor stated you didn’t have Parkinson’s.  Makes one wonder how you got another doctor to give you the diagnosis…

But tell me something..  Why did you blame your wife Gail for the progression of your disease? You couldn’t get off your fat, lazy ass to do exercises while you were home? You had to move to Wisconsin and magically, reverted from Stage IV to Stage I?  Something’s not right here.  Does make one wonder…

As far as your retirement and pension, I could care less about it. What is true, is that you obviously did, in fact, become physically better that you could have continued your job had you chosen to undertake therapy. Does that make certain facts within the application, false?  Makes one wonder…

Now, I have no intention of reporting you to any of the agencies because, quite frankly, I’m very happy having you right where you are.  It works to my advantage when you make those little “I’m gonna sue you” threats.  Unfortunately, for you, you’ve stepped out of that box already and it’s fun watching you try to squeeze your fat ass back into it.

But, if you feel you need to sue.. by all means.




He doesn’t seem to get it.

You are mistaken, Marvin. You have given yourself over to the drooling morons like Pablo. Now, let me address the points you believe you have made.

1. I had more than one doctor who said it could not be possible that I had Parkinson’s because I was too young. When I was on the operating bed for the DBS surgery and Dr. Peter Konrad was marking the fact that it was easy to find the part of my brain that was misfiring, I said, “And to think a year ago, a doctor told me I didn’t have PD.” Dr. Konrad said, “I’ll send him a copy of the study results.” So, I fooled the doctor who diagnosed me, I fooled the principal investigator in the clinical trial who happens to be the Chief of Neurology at the Vanderbilt Universary Medical Center, I fooled the neurosurgeon doing the operation, I fooled the head of the Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Center in Maryland, I fooled the Office of Personnel Management, I fooled Social Security. But you and Pablo know better. Without ever laying eyes on me, YOU KNOW BETTER than the experts. Do you realize how stupid that is?

2. I have never blamed Gail for anything. I had a wife who loved me, who took care of me, and I allowed myself to be taken care of. She died. I had to fend for myself. I got better at it every day. That is only hard to believe if you are determined not to believe it.

3. Who said I went from Stage IV to Stage I? Other than you and your fellow lickspittles, that is? I am still Stage IV. That means something different to every person with the diagnosis. If you had a clue of what you are talking about, you’d know that.

4. I haven’t threatened to sue you. Not yet. If you continue to make false, defamatory statements, you may force that upon yourself. Again, I asked you to defend your claims. You don’t seem to be able to do so.

5. Why do you assume that I did not have physical therapy? I had three different rounds of physical therapy and speech therapy, all while Gail was alive. See? You made another false assumption,

6. Try real hard to forget the fact that you are being egged on by morons and cowards like Pablo, like the Fraudulent Friar, like Patrick Grady. When push comes to shove, you can’t prove that what you are saying is true, but I can prove what I am saying is true. You have been asked to cease the defamatory comments, but you insist on continuing with the libel. That is YOUR choice, Rodriguez, not mine. And if you insist on continuing, you will have to suffer the consequences.

I feel sorry for people like you who have to play to the crowd. You, Hoge, Grady and others seem to have such little going on in your own lives, you find it necessary to create a false narrative and pretend that it’s true.

You have claimed — not as opinion, but as fact — that I am faking my illness. You still have time to admit that you don’t have the first clue about what you are talking about. You can decide to stop spreading lies. That would be the grownup thing to do.
Failing to do so means the grownup response is to hold you responsible.


Anyone else realize just how hard a certain someone stepped on his crank?

When your opponent is busy making mistakes, it’s best not to interfere.

Way to go, dumbass.

Update 2:

Oh Dear Lord –

I want you to be clear about something, Marvin. I am going to defend myself. You are no longer permitted to tell lies about me or my condition. From now on, the rule for you to live by is if you can’t prove it’s true, don’t write it. All I want to do is move on with my life and forget you people ever drew breath. As long as you continue to make that impossible, you will have to bear the cost of continuing to tell these lies. You can stop and retract, or you can keep lying and deal with the consequences. Your choice. Not mine. If you have learned nothing else from me, you should know by now that I am not going to lay here and take it. I will pick one person and make an example out of that person. You cannot lie about me with impunity.

Ask yourself how far you want to go with this. Decide wisely.
Your commenters are anonymous. You are not.
Isn’t he precious.
Let me get this straight – you’re going to make an example out of me?  Sounds like another threat, similar to the one that brought me out here in the first place.  I guess we’ll see where this goes.
Update 3:
And he’s not finished!
The anonymous cowards are getting you in deeper, Marvin. You can end this or you can pay the price for pretending to be macho. The choice is entirely yours.
The thing you gotta ask yourself, Marvin? Can you prove what you’ve said is true? I can prove it’s a pack of lies. Do you really want to play this game? Where will the anonymous cowards be when you are called to account for your lies? Not a one of them has the balls to step up and identify himself. They’re gonna let you take the fall, Rodriguez. What do you owe them? I can’t touch anonymous cowards.
But you are not anonymous.
Take the fall?

28 thoughts on “So this happened (Updated) ..

  1. DUMBFUCK, all that is necessary to conclude that you’re lying are your own voluminous contradictory statements.

    Do you remember everything you’ve said about your “disease” and your condition due to it? I guarantee that you don’t. You’re a DUMBFUCK, after all.

    Do you know who does remember all of it, DUMBFUCK? We do. The Vault never forgets anything, and it pays attention to every idiotic utterance from your keyboard. It saves them all, each and every one.

    There isn’t a neurologist on the planet that can help you, DUMBFUCK, but if you had any sense, you’d avail yourself of a good shrink.

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  2. So, the Schmycle rolls on. The only symptom we can be sure of is that he has no ability to remember much of anything. He’s already forgotten that he’s 0-8 in lawsuits. And he doesn’t like to sue people, he’s forced into it. He’s totally at the mercy of forces he can’t control.
    Good Lord, the man is stupid.

    Liked by 6 people

  3. Bill is just a fucktard isn’t he. He is threatening to sue? What a colossal putz. Everyone knows he doesn’t have the 1. Money, or 2 . Balls, to sue someone again. He has run away from Dave E; Agiledog, Grady, WJJH and so many others. Does he just want to be owned in a courtroom by someone else? Shouldn’t he be concentrating on repairing the crumbling relationship with his fake fiance?

    Liked by 4 people

  4. One correction, MJ….how hard he would have stepped on his crank. That is, if he could find it.

    He fucked up beyond measure in his response to you, and he doesn’t even see it.

    The PLM shall continue unabated.

    Liked by 5 people

  5. No doctor after reviewing the public information–information that bs himself has published to the world–is gonna get on a witness stand under oath and testify that he has Parkinson’s.

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  6. I am not comment anonymously. I have said before that I am not competent to diagnose the Cabin Boy’s™ medical condition and that he has present symptoms consistent with Parkinson’s disease in my presence. He has also apparently had those symptoms go into remission—and that would seem to me (as a layman) to be inconsistent with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Of course, the Cabin Boy™ is free to “defend” himself by being the plaintiff in as many more LOLsuits as he wishes to file, but he’d probably better be prepared to have a physician present competent expert testimony of such a diagnosis based on current medical examinations and tests.

    And he’d better be prepared to get personal jurisdiction right for each of the LOLsuits.

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  7. Boy I go offline for s day and .iss the fun.

    One I read bjs “threat” to talk to your clients I was laughing so hard I had to skim the rest.

    IANAL but if he’s stupid enough to tortuously interfere and cause real damages that he is not S judgement proof against as he thinks, who am I to stop him on his path to a cardboard box.

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  8. “…seem to have such little going on in your own lives, you find it necessary to create a false narrative and pretend that it’s true.” [purposefully taken OUT of context]

    DUMB5CK Self-awareness failure.

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  9. It needs to stop trotting out the blatant lie about its neurologist finding the misfiring part of its brain. If they could find a part that is misfiring they could diagnose Parkinson’s definitively. They way they find the spot to put the electrode is to find a “landmark” in the brain in order to place it. That “landmark” is the same in a healthy brain as in a Parkinsonian brain. This is how you know it’s a lying piece of filth! That and every other thing that oozes out of its maw.

    There is no way for it to prove it has Parkinson’s until after it croaks. That’s what it will take for anyone around here to believe it.

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