Lemme get this straight..


Oh boy, we got a live one..

Over at Hogewash! it appears that someone can’t keep track of his lies.

Interestingly, some lies have been repeated enough that certain people compound lies with more lies just because they can.

You know, when a person is reporting things to the government, especially people who are taking advantage of the system, they are considered “anonymous” even if they give their name.  It’s called a “whistle blower.”


If someone were to report a certain Parkinson’s faking grifter to the Social Security Administration, the VA, or Office of Personnel Management, because that individual claimed he was no longer able to work his GS-13 job despite more than generous accommodations, only to discover within a few short years he was attempting  travel the country by car in just 35 days to record America, despite threatening to sue a judge in Maryland if he was not able to attend a hearing via Skype, I would imagine that such organizations would be quite interested to have that person come in and explain his circumstances – especially if such documentation were produced by the person of interest and made available to investigative services of those organizations.

I would imagine that if such a grifter were to sue others who said he was faking his Parkinson’s, because he was so successful the previous eight times, might find that if he were able to get past his “amateur pro-se technical mistakes” that discovery might not be such a good place to start during depositions:

“What stage of Parkinson’s were you in 2011 when you submitted your request for medical disability and retirement?”

“What happens at Stage IV of Parkinson’s?”

“Have you ever communicated to anyone that your Parkinson’s was in Stage IV or V to another individual, including blog posts, tweets, social media accounts, conversations with others either in public or private with the intent to highlight the severity of disability and to give the impression that you were incapable of conducting your life without significant assistance from a certified caregiver?”

“Mr. Schmalfeldt, do you recognize this video of you saying you were going to travel several thousand miles around the country in 2017 and were expecting others to pay for your trip?”

“How does that reconcile with your understanding of Stage IV Parkinson’s Disease?”

“Do you know and understand the phrase ‘Progressive Disease’?”

“Mr. Schmalfeldt, are you aware that filing Federal forms with the intent to mislead the government for personal gain is considered a felony?”

You know, just a few questions…


7 thoughts on “Lemme get this straight..

  1. Where on earth does he pick up this idiotic nonsense?

    “They won’t listen to anonymous people.” WRONG. Virtually every sector of Government has a mechanism for wistleblowers to anonymously report theft, fraud and abuse.

    “And providing false info to a federal agency is a felony”——-Yes it is Mr Schmalfeldt, Yes it is.

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    • Hoist on his own petard, I’d say. And the metaphor is actually perfect for Mr. Schmalfeldt. These tweets should be exhibit #1 for any reports from any patriotic whistleblowers!

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  2. LMAO!!! The stench of desperation from Mr. Fakinsons is palpable. And this is above and beyond the usual.

    Rules of Fakinsons #16: the more Mr. FAKINSONS tries to get people to out themselves, the closer someone has hit the truth and Fakinsons wants to ratchet up the shutupoery desperately.

    Sorry shitbag. YOUR OWN WORDS are what will hang yourself. And if you really want to push the issue, turning that 0 back to a 1 to authenticate the post is only a subpoena away (because again if you think deleting it makes it go away you know less than nothing about databases). If it even needs to go that far thanks to archiving websites becsue the internet is forever.

    As for your observation of perjury being a felony, as its been stated yes, yes it is. Remember that now that the ram has touched the wall.

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    —Aerosmith – Same Old Song And Dance

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  5. I have knowledge of an anonymous report given to the OIG that resulted in an investigation. I’m not sure if anyone requested a “fed to fed” talk, but I do know that despite one of the people being checked into being SES, the investigation continues apace.

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