Say what?


Yeah, that’s not going happen.

Let me guess.. someone doesn’t like it when his old sins and failures are highlighted.


Sorry, bub. Actions have consequences.  Maybe you should have understood the real meaning of Murum Aries Attigit.



7 thoughts on “Say what?

  1. His high opinion of himself is shared by, well, no one, really. Even that snaggle-toothed Inflataskank probably caught on long ago but is hanging in there for the promised dental work. Good luck with that, since lying liars gotta lie.

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  2. “…if it irritated a … blogger and his …readership who might have better luck if he focused…”

    I’m not a fancy GS-13 editor nor did I get a C- on the TOEFL, but since you are combining a person and his readers doesn’t it become “… they focused…” instead of “… he focused…”?

    Other than tbat, marvellous IMAX level projection except for the washed up part. To be washed up implies you actually were something and we all know Mr Fakinsons was never anything but a grifting shitbag.

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